What To Know About Foot Reflexology

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CHARLOTTE – Foot reflexology is an ancient technique that involves applying pressure to specific points on the soles of the feet, hands, ear and face.  These points mirror the organs and bodily systems and stimulating them with specific techniques promotes good health. The theory is that working on these specific points in away massage techniques cannot reach, helps restore vital energy flow and keeps the body balanced and able to heal itself.

Foot, Hand, Face and Ear reflexology is a noninvasive complementary therapy that requires you to only remove your shoes and socks.  It is very soothing, relaxing and can be quite effective for health issues including pain.

Benefits may include; reducing high blood pressure, boosting immunity, relieving colds, bacterial infections, easing sinus problems, improving back and arthritis pain rebalancing hormones, overcoming infertility, regulating digestion, pregnancy relief and rebalancing, anxiety.

Risks; Reflexology is safe for most people and typically causes no harmful effects. However, people with certain medical conditions should exercise caution.  Although the risks are minimal, individuals should find an appropriately trained reflexologist who holds certification with the American Reflexology Certification Board.

Sandy is a certified Reflexologist in the Mint Hill area.  Learn more about Reflexology and treat yourself and experience a mini foot or hand reflexology session for free on Tuesdays at Soothe The Soles. To contact her, visit her website at www.SootheTheSoles.com  No appointment necessary.  See advertisement for times.

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