Tips To Help Stay Well During Flu Season

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CHARLOTTE – Giving your body some extra support against illness is one of the very best ways to prepare yourself for this time. With just a few simple practices to your daily routine, you can prepare your body to help ward off and manage illness.

Prevention is key, first and foremost, heed the city, state, and/or federal guidance and/or requirements on social distancing and sheltering in place.

One of the best ways to stay well during cold and flu season is to have a healthy, nourished body. Eat a whole foods diet avoiding processed foods, and eliminate sugar from your diet. Opt for foods with high nutritional value and fill your plate with fruits and vegetables.

Turning to Herbs for Ultimate Support; Many herbs can help to soothe cold and flu symptoms; some may also offer some of the immune-supportive actions.

Incorporating immunomodulant, immune stimulant, and antiviral herbs can help to build, protect, and support your immune system in the long-run. For more extensive information about when and how to use herbs, go to my website at and click on my Blog; look for your free downloadable Cold/Flu Ebook

Remember; all of the herbs should only be considered wellness-supporting herbs during cold and flu season, and not a protection or cure in the event of exposure.

While prevention and herbal support can go a long way in providing your body some extra protection from viral illnesses and the effects, it does not guarantee you will not contract and be affected by a virus if you are exposed to it. However, incorporating herbs into your wellness plan before, during, and after an illness can help to make you more comfortable and help support the body in recovery.

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