Anxiety and Essential Oils

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CHARLOTTE – The beauty of essential oils is that they are natural. Extracted from flowers, leaves, bark or roots of plants, many contain properties that may provide much needed relief for anxiety.

Here are just a few of my favorites;

Lavender-Considered the most common essential oil; benefits include having a calming, relaxing effect.

Rose-Very settling to the emotional heart and perhaps the second most popular after lavender for relieving anxiety.

Vetiver-A tranquil, grounding oil with reassuring energy.

Yang Ylang-This oil is great for anxiety due to its calming and uplifting effects.

Bergamot-Commonly found in Earl Grey tea, calming and has a distinctive floral taste and aroma.

Chamomile-A peaceful, calming scent, chamomile benefits inner harmony and decreases irritability, overthinking, anxiety and worry.

Frankincense-Great for anxiety because it provides a calming and tranquil energy as well as spiritual grounding.

Essential oils can be used in several ways but my two favorites are aromatic and topically.

An Aromatic triggers our sense of smell.  It can be obtained by using in a bath, as direct inhalations, cologne, or through aromatherapy diffusers.

Topical uses of essential oils can be obtained with a diluted blend of carrier oil and essential oils then applied directly to an affected area, on the bottoms of the feet, in baths or through massage.

Precautions; Never ingest any essential oils or apply undiluted to the skin without proper training or medical supervision.

Always consult a specialist, proceeding with caution as they may react differently to different individuals, especially children and pregnant women.

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