Warm Up When Cold Outside

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MINT HILL, NC – Sammy’s So Good Mint Hill is my go-to spot in Mint Hill for delightfully cold treats in the summer. Last year, the owners, the Cannons, chose to change their menu for the winter months. In addition to snowballs, they offer warm and hot delicacies to bring an extra ray of happiness to customers. This year they are at it again, spreading cheer to the Mint Hill community. I watched with excitement last month as the building took on a new winterized look changing from the mostly icy offerings to warm delights.

This week, I visited Sammy’s So Good and sampled this week’s Taste of the Town. I could tell with my short interaction that Jewel has a huge heart for bringing joy and enchantment to customers. She is eager to answer any questions about the menu or give a recommendation to even the smallest customer. Her enthusiasm for spreading happiness is contagious!

Sammy’s has a plethora of options to specialize your order such as five frappe/latte flavors! I pondered over the menu for a long while before I decided to go with the Mint Hill Hot Chocolate. It was hard to pass up such a great name! I was impressed with just the right amount of whipped cream with the chocolate mints on top. The hot chocolate was just the right temperature to warm up my hands but cool enough to take my first sip while walking away from the window. The mint flavor was just the way I like it, subtle and not overwhelming.

I will definitely be back this season to sample more of the flavors and treats that Sammy’s has to offer from their lattes and frappes to coco bombs to seasonal snowballs. Sammy’s So Good is one of the best places in town to get a delicious treat-warm or cold-while being served with a smile and enthusiasm! Stop by to say hi and indulge a little bit!

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