The Hill Is Amazing

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MINT HILL, NC – The Hill is a must-visit if you are new or old to Mint Hill! It is a cute restaurant on Lawyers near the Hwy 51 intersection. While the parking lot may be small, park across the street and cross. The food and atmosphere are worth crossing the street!

When I visited, a couple regulars entered and were greeted by name. I love this Cheers aspect of Mint Hill! However, you get the same awesome service if it is your first time. I found the jukebox to be a welcome entertainment.

Knowing that the wings are a highlight, I opted for the “Hill style” wings. They are a perfect mix of sweet and spicy. Have your napkin handy as these are juicy yet crispy wings! Others in my party ordered the Reuben and reported that it was delicious. The fries are a blend of crispy and hot.

The Hill partners with another amazing place in town for their desserts….Daphne’s! Freshly made by Daphne’s and served at The Hill. Best place to get a brownie when Daphne’s is closed!

The Hill has great take out options-Curbside or Takeout that helps when you are in a rush or need to take something home to the family! There are daily specials so this is a place to go on different nights of the week to participate in the variety of the menu.

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