Ice Cream Isn’t Just For Summer

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MINT HILL, NC – Carolina Creamery is a wonderful family owned and operated business located in the heart of Mint Hill on the corner of Hwy 51 and Lawyers.

My personal favorite flavor at Carolina Creamery is the Cake Batter. This time; however, I gleaned their suggestions and customer favorites to experience new flavors. I ordered the two popular flavors that were recommended, Strawberry Shortcake and Butter Pecan. Their recommendation was to get it in their specially made waffle cone.

The waffle cone was very fresh and crispy. I watched them pour the batter over the waffle maker as steam arose. It fascinated me to watch them make the cone fresh! The waffle cone is the perfect amount of sweetness: tasting much more like a waffle than like a cookie. The right amount of sugariness in the cone adds to the ice cream instead of overwhelming it.

The homemade ice cream is the best part! The Strawberry Shortcake is the scoop on top and the first to the tongue. The swirl of real strawberry jam resulted in Carolina Creamery ice cream to be so much better than store-bought! Butter Pecan is one of my top favorite so I was glad when that was one of the communities favorites recommended to me. It is made with real bites of pecans mixed into the ice cream with just enough crunch to remind you of the homemade-ness.

The Creamery is exclusively using the side window and no seating inside. That didn’t stop me and a couple other customers from enjoying the afternoon treat! After ordering from the window, we ate the delicious ice cream cones on the picnic tables under the autumn turning trees. Eating ice cream outside on these tables brings back wonderful childhood memories! Observing the busy Mint Hill traffic and people watching is an added bonus of sitting in this spot.

As it gets colder outside, don’t forget that ice cream tastes just as good regardless of the weather!

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