Healthy and Nutritious

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MINT HILL, NC – Mint Hill Nutrition is a beacon in our community for healthy options! They offer teas and shakes with low calorie count and high in vitamins and minerals. Mint Hill Nutrition is located on Hwy 51 for you to make a convenient, wholesome choice.

I started my day with Mint Hill Nutrition visiting for breakfast. They warmly greeted me when I walked in. They asked what my favorite dessert types are. Hence, I liked this place immediately! We discussed different dessert types and given many suggestions from the menu. Based on the recommendations, I decided on the meal replacement shake flavor fruity pebble and skittles tea. I love that I get to have breakfast of a sweet treat while also making a healthy choice that filled me up for several hours!

The fruity pebble shake was amazing! The shake was very smooth and had the right amount of sweet flavor not overwhelming sweetness. I can’t wait to try more flavors. The skittles tea was uniquely flavored more as the red skittle flavor, which is many people’s favorite. The tea is filled with nutrients to help boost metabolism. I sipped on the tasty tea for a couple hours. Between the shake and the tea, I was not hungry for several hours and ended up taking a late lunch.

If you haven’t tried it, go see the great people at Mint Hill Nutrition to check out a meal replacement shake for breakfast or lunch or a refreshing flavorful tea! Watch their social media for specials. Mint Hill Nutrition makes it easy to make a healthy choice.

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