Happy Cupcakes

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MINT HILL, NC – Cocktail Cakery marries two wonderful culinary delights of alcohol and cupcakes. Gigi is living her passion of creating a unique and delicious desserts with booze. Her recipes are amazing!

My favorite flavor that Gigi makes is the I DO! (Almond Wedding Cake) made with Amaretto and Almande. However, when I visited last week, I tried two new flavors, Del Sol (Tequila Sunrise) made with Tequila, Grenadine, and Vodka and Texas made with Lemon Vodka. Each cupcake is moist and fresh. The Del Sol had just the right amount of grenadine to give it a wonderful color and flavor the booze. The Texas is made with just the right amount of sour and sweet. While I decide to go with less chocolatey flavors, Cocktail Cakery offers many delightful options for the chocoholic!

Gigi has been through a few ups and downs since opening the cakery so monitor social media for the most up to date hours. She has different flavors almost every day which is another reason to check her social media. There are currently 39 cupcake flavors in Gigi’s recipe box that she rotates through or place a specialty order for your upcoming event. Cocktail Cakery also offers coffee and teas as well as truffles and parfaits.

Cocktail Cakery is an amazing new addition to the Mint Hill community. As it says on their website, they “are always thinking up something new to feed your inner child like a grownup!” Stop by this cute little cupcakery to try the flavors of the day and chat with Gigi!

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