Xavier Lenear State Wrestling Champion and Three Sport Athlete at Indy

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Xavier Lenear is a graduating senior at Independence High School.  He is the North Carolina State 4A 220 pound weight category wrestling champion with a record of 47-0.  He recently competed at the NHSCA National Wrestling Championship held in Virginia Beach.  Xavier was extremely competitive against the best and more experienced wrestlers in the country.  His wrestling weight is usually 210 pounds, however, he is strong, quick, skilled, and uses endurance to his advantage.

During his first match of the season, he took on a heavy weight wrestler from Hickory Ridge High School in the 220 to 285 pound category and won the match decisively due to his speed, strength, and endurance.  Neutral is his best position when wrestling; he will use different techniques against his opponents to wear them down.  He will always have a specific strategy entering every match and will quickly adjust to the oppositions strength while taking full advantage of their weakness.

His toughest match was with Alex Teeter from Morresville High School, who beat Xavier in the regionals a year ago in overtime.  However, this year was different as Xavier learned from his experience, planned a winning strategy, made some adjustments and defeated his opponent twice during his record setting winning streak.

He worked hard during the off season with his training buddies Alex Solares, Jacob LaDoux, and Mitchell Cochran.  They all have different wrestling techniques and are extremely good and accomplished wrestlers. “We focused on the important techniques, put less stress on the little things, and more concentration on their different styles of wrestling, forcing me to make the necessary adjustments quickly,” said Xavier.  These training sessions proved to be the differentiator; the missing link that helped make him a State Champion.

Xavier takes the same approach into the classroom. He will study his subject matter like he studies his opponents: he will peel back the onion one layer at a time.  Therefore, developing a strategy mixed with solid planning, and using his good memory skills,keeps him well organized and focused on his academic tasks.

What motives him is his desire to be the best at whatever endeavor he will pursue.  “It’s survival of the fittest, a dog eat dog world we live in where the competition is tough. I want to be the bigger dog, dominate and come out on top,” said Xavier.  He applies the same attitude when on the football field as a running back and long snapper for the Patriots, and at a track meet when he is competing in the discus and shot-put.  He has been a three sport athlete throughout his entire high school athletic career.

After graduation, Xavier will attend North Carolina Central University, where he was recruited to play football.  He plans to have a double major to include biology and kinesiology.  He would eventually like to pursue and obtain post graduate degrees in herpetology which is the study of amphibians in zoology.  He plans to work as a personal trainer while he is pursuing his graduate studies.

Up Close and Personal with Xavier:

  • The most influential person in life has been his uncle D’Armon Washington, who has always been supportive and has his back.  Also, special recognition goes to Indy Wrestling Coach Phillip Davis, “I wanted to win the State Championship for the coach,” said Xavier.
  • Favorite college team is North Carolina State Wrestling.
  • He follows Pittsburgh Steelers football.
  • His favorite sport is wrestling, football is a close second.
  • His favorite movie is “Scooby Doo Monsters Unleashed.”
  • He enjoys listening to heavy metal and pure core metal music by Meshuggah.
  • Academically his favorite subjects are math and science.
  • Advice to underclassman is to never let your opponent defeat you physically or mentally. “The best thing to do for yourself is to always keep trying to get better; self- improvement is key to being successful, work hard, never quit, and give it all you got.  Just put everything into it!”





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