Wesley Joyner Senior Soccer Left Defensive Back for QGHS

Wesley Joyner Left Defensive Back
Wesley Joyner Left Defensive Back
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Wesley Joyner is a competitive individual who participates for the QGHS soccer and wrestling teams. On the soccer team his role is to protect the goalkeeper and to prevent the opposition from scoring easy goals.

He must consistently apply pressure on the attacking opponent to break up the offensive momentum. This position fits his mentality as a wrestler as he currently has 70 wins and his objective this upcoming season is to finish with 91 or more wins in his career.

His older brother Brent who recorded 90 wins in his high school wrestling career is the current record holder. “I need 21 more victories and I will be the new record holder, said Wesley. He has been on the QGHS wrestling team for 4 years posted 24 wins as a junior and is the team Captain.

When it comes to managing school work and sports Wesley uses different tools and strategies to maximize his time. He maintains a daily planner for assignments, homework, test dates, practices, and other important events. Wesley said “the key is organization and managing time productively.”

His daily workout schedule includes stretching, running sprints, running for endurance, and working on his agility and footwork skills. He will also go into the weight room to build his core body strength which is beneficial in both sports.

What motives Wesley are his two brothers Zach who is a teacher and Brent who is a student at UNCC. They both competed in soccer and wrestling in high school. Another motivator is to always improve his soccer skills to make a positive contribution to the team.
After graduation Wesley plans on attending the University of North Carolina Charlotte to study mechanical engineering. He will play club sports to keep himself active physically.

Up Close and Personal with Wesley:
Who is the biggest influence in your life? My family, brothers, mom and dad. They have been very supportive both in sports and academically.
Favorite college team? UNCC 49ers
Favorite professional team? Carolina Panthers
Favorite music? Country
Favorite movie? The Three Stooges
Pregame rituals? Self-reflection prior to every game.
Favorite academic subjects? Math and Science
What advice would you give to younger teammates? Keep pounding, continue to work hard to improve yourself.
In your opinion who is the team leader and why? Joe Piacesi, he is a goal scorer and is very passionate. Jose our goalkeeper helps us position ourselves against the attacking team. They both lead by example.

Wesley had a few final comments which include “this team is a brotherhood, we are a family.” The friendships make a huge difference and help us band together and win more often.

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