Vivian Molina Senior Girls Soccer Midfielder for Stallions

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Vivian Molina has been on the QGHS varsity girls soccer team since her freshman season.  She is a midfielder and aggressive defensive player on the field.  Vivian unfortunately suffered a season ending injury in the middle of her final year and is still using crutches to get around campus.  However, she is in good spirits and continues to rally behind her teammates.

When it comes to academics and soccer managing her busy schedule is a priority.  She always takes the time to complete her assignments and projects.  “School is my first priority,” said Vivian.  She enjoys visiting the library to complete some of her projects, “its  quiet at the library, I can concentrate on getting the research completed,” said Vivian. She will use a daily planner to assist in managing her time and her lap top for information.

Her workout routine prior to her injury was to run with her dog Eva at Veterans Memorial Park in Mint Hill.  Eva is a Bernese Mountain dog who is active and enjoys to run.  She also would play soccer on the fields at the park to practice and improve her skills.

What motivates Vivian is making her parents proud and understanding there is no substitute for hard work.  Her parents have given her an appreciation for working hard in every endeavor worthwhile pursuing.  Athletically her younger sister Genesis is only 4 years old and looks up to Vivian so she must set a good example for her to follow.

After graduation she plans to attend UNC-Charlotte for her first year of college taking the required freshman courses close to home.  She will probably commute so she can reduce the expense of living on campus and plans to use the campus library.  She eventually would like to transfer to North Carolina State University, however, if UNCC feels right she may remain a 49er.  Vivian plans to major in Political Science and would consider a career in law or government service.

Up Close and Personal with Vivian:  

  • The most influential people in life is the family.  What my mom has sacrificed for the family is an inspiration.  My dad and stepfather work hard and have always supported me.  My stepfather has mentored me with academics and the importance of school.  “I owe most of my academic success to him”, said Vivian.
  • She enjoys hands on volunteer work and organizing events. She likes to debate and is a member of the schools Debate Club.  She is also on the National Honors Society.
  • She enjoys following Real Madrid Soccer.
  • Vivian will also watch tennis and basketball.
  • Her favorite television show is Bones.
  • Listens to a variety of music which includes classic rock, modern rock, and classical.
  • Her most interesting academic subjects are history and mathematics.
  • Advice for underclassman is to really enjoy your time in high school because the four years goes by very quickly.

She has no regrets with the exception of her injury in her final year of playing soccer.  It was unfortunate and unexpected, however, she has learned some valuable lessons from the experience and can now cheer on her teammates at games.  “It gives you a different perspective sitting on the sidelines not making a contribution to the team,” said Vivian.

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