Trey Shuford Senior Track and Field Athlete for Indy Patriots

Trey Shuford
Trey Shuford
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Trey Shuford has been on the track and field team at Independence since his freshman year. He joined the Cross Country team in his senior year and has competed in both indoor and outdoor track throughout his high school career. The two events he competes in for indoor track are the 300 and 500 meters. While the two events for outdoor track are the 200 and 400 meter races.

He is a competitive athlete and finished only 1.67 seconds off the cut-off time to qualify for the state championship during last year’s regional finals in the 400 meter event. This race is Trey’s best event and his goal this season is to qualify for the state championships.

When asked how he manages his academic requirements and sports he simply says it all comes down to efficient planning, being well organized and managing time effectively. All three skills are extremely important to maintain good grades and remain competitive in athletics.

Based on all the activities Trey is involved in at Independence and outside of school it’s imperative he perfect the skill sets he mentioned in the previous paragraph. Trey earned his Eagle Scout achievement badge on September 21, 2016. He is also a cheerleader with Extreme Prodigy, he will be testing for his black belt in Taekwondo in March and is the Wing Commander for the Independence Air Force ROTC program.

What motivates Trey is to achieve his personal goals and aspirations. He is all about supporting his team and teammates, however, he must remain focused on the goals he has established for himself which are lofty standards and ambitions. Trey has his sights on obtaining a prestigious Congressional nomination from the office of U.S. House of Representatives member Robert Pittenger from the 9th Congressional District to attend the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs next fall.

His other college choices are UNC Chapel Hill, NC State University and UNC Charlotte to join their Air Force ROTC programs. He has his sights on becoming an air force pilot and plans on studying science related fields in college and eventually obtaining a master’s degree.

Up Close and Personal with Trey:
• Most influential people in his life are Dallas Sims his mentor to obtain his Eagle Scout Award, and Jeremy Kemper his Taekwondo instructor who made Trey feel like an adult for the first time. He treats Trey as a peer which is extremely important to him.
• Favorite college sports team is the U.S. Air Force Academy
• He enjoys observing major track and field events
• Favorite music includes Metal, Rock and Country
• Favorite Netflix movie is Red Tails
• His most enjoyable academic subjects are history and science
• Pregame ritual is to eat an orange before he runs or competes
• Advice for underclassman is to trust your instincts and go with your gut feeling.
• Team leaders are Master Sergeant Romain Bell, Senior Master Sergeant Brad Gibson, and Lt. Colonel Buzz Lochocki from his JAFROTC Wing at Independence. Especially Sergeant Bell who has been a mentor and has provided individual guidance and direction.

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