Teresa Oliver “Mrs.O” Indy’s Football Angel

Teresa Oliver
Teresa Oliver
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Teresa Oliver has been a volunteer serving the Independence High School football program for 17 years.  She has been involved in the CMS school system as a volunteer for 25 years.  Mrs. Oliver who raised three children of her own just thoroughly enjoys working with the football team members and really loves these kids.  She is not only dedicated and committed to the program she continues to make a difference in their lives.  She is also a sports enthusiast who really understands and is passionate about the game.

She was part of the championship teams at Indy under legendary Coach Tom Knotts when the Patriots had won 108 games straight without a defeat.  She has worked alongside Indy’s current head football Coach Hall Brown who was on the coaching staff during the State Championships and fully understands what it will take to get back to the glory days.

Mrs. Oliver holds the position as a volunteer assistant to the head football coach.  She represents the team and coaching staff at Booster Club meetings when important events and challenges arise concerning fundraising, documentation, arrangements for free game meals for the players and just about anything concerning provisions provided to the team.  She also provides guidance and is a stable factor for many of these young student athletes.  In many ways a mother figure outside the home.  The boys adore her as much as she adores them.  It is a mutually beneficial relationship that is extremely heartening to witness as this writer had for the first time during this past fall football season.  The love, bond and mutual respect between many of the players and Teresa is obvious.  All the boys refer to her as “Mrs. O” on and off the field.

Teresa considers this relationship to be her mission in life.  It’s what she enjoys most is working with these kids and trying to instill strong  values and make a real difference in their lives.  This includes the entire coaching staff at Indy who mentor these kids.

She has so many stories to tell, however, I will share one because it tells us where she sees the Indy football program going under current Coach Hal Brown.  During a big game against Richmond County who always played tough games against Indy during the streak in a brutally cold Memorial Stadium with Indy up by 2 points.  Coach Knotts and his staff could evaluate situations before they would actually happen, she said.  The Richmond field goal kicker missed a game winning field goal attempt that would have given Indy their first loss ending the streak.  The Patriots played the right defense to prevent their opponent from getting into a better kicking position to succeed. The coaches knew based on the distance, angle, wind and direction that it would take a miracle for the kicker to make the field goal. These coaches had the ability to evaluate a situation quickly and were able to make adjustments during the game.  I see this same capability again for the first time in years under the current coach.

She has enjoyed and experienced many great games and has seen many young student athletes move on having a productive and honorable life.  This is very rewarding and it’s great to be part of something that makes a difference in young peoples lives.

Teresa plans on remaining in this role for as long as the school will have her, and as long as the good lord wants me too!  She is a remarkable lady and the coaches and players are fortunate to have her as an integral part of the Indy football program.


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