Stallions Daymaun “Harv” Harvey Senior Forward/Guard at Queens Grant

Daymaun Harvey
Daymaun Harvey
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Daymaun Harvey is a strong and talented 6’4” athlete on the Queens Grant High basketball team. Along with fellow senior Terron Dixon combined they are the two most impactful players in the program this season. Daymaun expects a lot of himself so he has high expectations to produce for the team. He is an emotional player who can take over a game when he is mentally and physically in the zone. He has been in Coach Forsythe’s program the past two years when he transferred from Olympic High School.

When it comes down to academics and athletics he has to juggle his time to complete homework assignments at night while attending late afternoon practices and mostly night games. To Daymaun both his school work and basketball are an equal priority. This is the reason he is taking advantage of the option for an early release which frees him up to give quality time to both endeavors. He also uses technology to help him keep organized and set his priorities.

His normal workout routine beyond daily practices is to attend a local YMCA for an hour daily to practice shooting, footwork and other key skills to improve his performance. He also lifts weights to build up his core body strength and works on his legs for endurance and to maintain a solid foundation. Preparation is hard work and a good intense effort in practice becomes an extension of my game performance, said Daymaun.

What motivates him is his mom who has worked so hard for me throughout my entire life. I want to pay her back by giving it everything I have and making her proud. Also, I have a positive never say die attitude, and will never give up on myself, said Daymaun. A good athlete is dedicated and committed and I want to be that kind of person.

After graduation he would like to play college basketball. His goal is a division I or II program. Academically, he would like to major in pre-med and ultimately become a pediatrician.

Up Close and Personal with Daymaun:
• Most influential people have been his mother and little brother Kayne who is an inspiration and just a great kid. Kayne looks up to his big brother and he keeps Daymaun focused on making the right choices and to think about the consequences.
• Favorite college teams are Florida State and Duke University.
• Favorite professional teams are the Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Clippers
• Football is his favorite sport other than basketball.
• Movie he enjoys most is “Step Brothers.”
• Best music is Rap with Chris Travis
• Nickname is “Harv”
• Advice to younger teammates is to stay on top of your school work first. Then concentrate on athletics to become the best you can be. You never know what you really can achieve and how it could impact your life.
Closing remarks from Daymaun include the importance of a positive attitude, believing in yourself, learn to become a leader, always encourage your teammates and others.

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