Stallion Victoria Nunez Senior Cheerleader

Victoria Nunez
Victoria Nunez
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Victoria Nunez is an energetic, straight forward, and assertive young lady.  She has been a cheerleader at QGHS the past two years and really enjoys the camaraderie of her teammates.

When it comes to managing academics and cheerleading it all comes down to procrastination.  Do not procrastinate, get your assignments done on time, spread out the work, stay organized and manage your time efficiently, said Victoria.  School is a priority and is always first on my list to get accomplished.

When it comes to working out she pretty much relies upon cheerleading practice for stretching and working hard perfecting the cheer routines.  However, she does volunteer at a cheer gym for special needs kids.  Victoria is assigned a little girl named Natalie and she helps this youngster work through her routines which includes dance and stunts.  I get a lot of personal satisfaction from watching and assisting these kids improve and gain confidence, said Victoria.

What motivates and inspires Victoria is her family.  She wants to do good things and do the right thing.  I don’t want to let my family down, so my motivation is to make them proud, she said. Secondly, what motivates me as a cheerleader are my teammates, we have a very encouraging and positive atmosphere on our team.

After graduation she plans on attending Wingate University and major in the sciences or in nursing.  She wants to make a career in the medical field and will seriously consider becoming a Physician’s Assistant after graduation from college.

Up Close and Personal with Victoria

  • The most influential person in my live is my dad.  His outlook on life is always positive and wise.  He always comes up with little quotes to make me think.  Also, he has been supportive and caring while providing me with guidance and direction.
  • She does not have a favorite college team, but will support Wingate University all the way.
  • Favorite professional sports team are the Carolina Panthers.
  • Victoria really enjoys swimming other than cheer.
  • Best TV shows are “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice.”
  • She enjoys a variety of music which includes both R&B and Hip-Hop.
  • Favorite academic subjects are chemistry and math.
  • Advice to junior teammates is to have fun while it lasts and enjoy the time we share with each other.
  • Also, a final remark, don’t take anything for granted, enjoy life, family, and friends, said Victoria.


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