Skylar Bunn Cross Country and Softball Two Team Athlete

Skylar Bunn
Skylar Bunn
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Skylar Bunn is certainly a young lady who knows what direction she is heading. She has a plan for her future and a lot of her success stems from academics and athletics.

She has been on the women’s softball team for 3 years and also enjoys running cross country because of the personal challenges it brings with the different natural terrains to conquer. Cross Country also keeps her in great physical and mental condition for the upcoming softball season in the spring.

When it comes to juggling school work and being a two sport athlete is challenging enough for most student athletes. However, this athlete gives one the sense she is really able to manage both rather handily.

She talks about being well organized, carrying a full academic load in her senior year, setting priorities, the importance of time management and using technology to your advantage. “Academics certainly comes first and I want to emphasize the importance of this to my younger teammates.”

Her daily workout consists of stretching exercises, running trails, using the weight room, and building core body and leg strength. She gains her endurance with daily 2-3 mile runs on the practice field and at home in her neighborhood.

What motivates Skylar is self-improvement and staying fit. Also, it looks good to be involved in sports and extracurricular activities on your college resume. My teammates are a big motivating factor because I don’t want to let them down. Finally, “I really like to challenge myself which is something I have always done.”

After graduation Skylar plans on attending UNC Wilmington which is her number 1 choice. She wants to major in criminology with a focus on forensic science and criminal profiling. Other college options are UNC Chapel Hill, UNC Charlotte, or Appalachian State University.

Up Close and Personal with Skylar:
Biggest influence in her life? Definitely my mom, she is very independent, strong, and a single mom who provides clear direction.
Favorite college team? UNC Chapel Hill Basketball
Favorite professional team? Carolina Panthers and Charlotte Hornets
Favorite sport other than cross country? Softball
Favorite music? Pop music
Favorite movie, Netflix, shows? Gossip Girl and Criminal Minds
Do you have any pregame rituals? Pray before competitive events and games. Also, listen to music and think about my strategy for the upcoming challenge.
Favorite academic subjects are? Science and History
Advice for younger teammates? Don’t get lazy or stale. Always work hard, have a positive attitude and never give up.
In your opinion who are the team leaders and why? Robert Gibson for sure. He always leads the team drills and is passionate. Also, “Glody” he leads by example through hard work.
Skylar wanted to add a few additional comments for her younger sister Ashton who is 13. “I love my younger sister, she always encourages me, I really try to be a good role model for her.”
Skylar is also on the “Dream Team” at Independence High which is a group of student athletes who are against alcohol, drugs and tobacco.

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