Sharmetria Richardson Senior Cheerleader at QGHS

Sharmetria Richardson
Sharmetria Richardson
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Sharmetria is a pleasant young lady who is focused on enjoying her senior year as a first time cheerleader and becoming a dentist as a career aspiration.  She appears to be a determined individual who has a solid foundation of family and faith.

When asked about how she manages academics and cheerleading it all comes down to managing her time, being organized, and making sure she does not procrastinate.  Getting homework assignments, projects and reports done first is key to success, said Sharmetria.  She also uses her iPhone and lap-top for research on topics discussed and required for submission in classes.

Previously Sharmetria was a Stallion track athlete for 3 years on the Cross-Country team.  She decided to tryout for cheerleading her senior year as an activity beyond track and field.  When she made the team she jumped right into the new opportunity.  She continues to run 1-2 miles routinely, goes to Planet Fitness to workout to stay in good condition, and of course cheerleading practice which has been challenging, however, very rewarding.

She is motivated by setting high standards and goals for herself. When she achieves these goals and aspirations it really gives her a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

After graduation she has been accepted and plans to attend North Carolina Central University.  She intends to major in biomedical sciences and pre-dentistry.  Her other objective is to get involved in student government and a leadership program while in college.

Up Close and Personal with Sharmetria

  • The most influence people in her life are her parents.  They have always supported me and motivate me to do my best.  Also, her grandmother for always keeping me in her prayers, said Sharmetria.
  • Her favorite college team is going to be North Carolina Central.
  • She enjoys running and exercising.  Student Council and the Leadership Academy at QGHS is fun too.
  • Favorite movie is “Beyond the Lights.”
  • Best music is R&B and Rap.
  • Favorite academic subjects are Biology and English.
  • Advice to other teammates is to get involved, stay out of trouble, try new things, challenge yourself, and do not procrastinate.
  • Finally, in dedication to her grandmother and family “To God be the Glory”, said Sharmetria.
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