Senior Stallions Center Fielder Kevin Corley

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Kevin Corley is a transfer from Hickory Grove Christian School in Charlotte.  He is a first year starter on the Stallions’ baseball team who has made a significant contribution to the program.  He roams center field for the Stallions, has good speed chasing down fly balls, and is a base stealing threat.  He also has hit consistently in the lead-off spot for the Stallions.

Kevin is taking advantage of an early release program during his last semester of high school.  He currently has four AP classes, which keeps him busy while he can concentrate on his final baseball season of his high school career.  He completes all his homework or the vast majority of his assignments prior to practice and games.  He relies on good note taking and technology to make sure he gets the best results while maintaining solid grades.

He has a normal routine of push-ups, sit-ups, sprints, and stretching exercises to keep himself physically fit.  Kevin will frequent batting cages for repetition and working on improving his swing.  Also, his Dad and older brother are bodybuilders so he lifts weights to build up his core body strength.

What motivates Kevin are his parents who both work very hard for the family.  “My parents set a great example for myself, brother Jason, and brother Robbie, who is a freshman on the Queens Grant varsity team,” said Kevin.  “My older brother Jason looks out for me; he is a senior at UNC Charlotte who has been a positive influence.”

“As an athlete coaches, Warren and Mr. G have been great.  Head Baseball Coach Kerr motivates me by keeping my head in the game.  Also, Grady Little a Major League Manager for the Boston Red Sox and the Los Angeles Dodgers has influenced me,” said Kevin.  Grady is a graduate of Garinger High School in 1968 and was drafted in the 12th round by the Atlanta Braves.

After graduation Kevin will be attending UNC Charlotte in the fall to study engineering or business administration.  He has an interest in petroleum engineering and will be looking into this field as well.  He will declare his major in his second year of college.  He also will continue to play baseball and consider walking-on during tryouts.

Up Close and Personal with Kevin:

  • “The most influential people in my life are my parents, hands down.  Dad always reminds me that life is about the choices we make and mom has always been very supportive.”
  • Favorite college team is Alabama Crimson Tide.
  • He follows the Boston Red Sox in professional sports.
  • Second most enjoyable sport is football.
  • Best program on television is Prison Break.
  • Enjoys Country and Rap music.  His favorite artists are Dierks Bentley and Future.
  • Math is his best subject because it makes sense and is logical.
  • Advice to underclassman is to think before you act, don’t procrastinate or be lazy.  Also, make informed decisions and chase your dreams.
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