Senior Stallion Cheerleader Loghan Burkes

Loghan Burkes
Loghan Burkes
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Loghan has been on the cheerleading team for the past 3 years.  She is a dual position participant who is both a base and back spot.  Her goal is to be the best cheerleader possible.  She has a passion for dancing, basketball and cheer.

She manages her busy work schedule by using a daily planner to set time schedules, note important events and projects for her classes.  Organization is key to managing time effectively, said Loghan.

Regarding a workout routine she is a competitive dancer.  Her workouts consist of stretching and dancing routines for tap, jazz, ballet, hip-hop and other dances.  She also goes to a local gym on weekends to work as a part-time trainer and will workout on the various equipment at the facility to stay fit and build core strength.

What motivates Loghan are her grandparents who have always provided support and encouragement to do her very best and to achieve her goals.  My primary goal right now to continue to make them proud, said Loghan.  As a cheerleader its all about my teammates, failure is not an option, as we accomplish everything as a team unit.

After graduation her goal is to attend an historical black college or university.  Her choices are Winston-Salem University, North Carolina A&T, and Fayetteville State University.  She would like to major in biology and certain continue dancing.  She is also considering to become a Physicians Assistant after she completes her bachelors degree.

Up Close and Personal with Loghan

  • Most influential folks in life are her grandparents who have been unbelievable.  Also, her cousin Yvonne who is only seven years old and looks up to me.  Therefore, being a good positive role model is important to me, said Loghan.
  • Favorite college team is the “Golden Delight Dance Team” from North Carolina A&T.
  • Favorite professional teams are the Golden State Warriors and Chicago Bulls.
  • Favorite activity is dancing.
  • Two best movies are “Love and Basketball” and “Best Man Holiday.”
  • She enjoys dancing and listening to R&B and Hip-Hop.
  • Science is her favorite subject, especially biology.
  • Advice to her non-senior teammates is to keep up with your grades especially during your sophomore and junior years. Also, stay true to yourself and aspirations.
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