Sean Carney Senior Golf Leader at Independence

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Sean is a tall handsome young man with a big smile.  He has been on the golf team all four years and is a member of the National Honor Society posting a 3.95 GPA.  He enjoys playing the game and is  focused on having a banner senior year to lead the young Indy golfers in their quest for respectability.

When it comes to managing academics and his golf game he has to find the right balance to be successful at both endeavors.  It’s a challenge at times getting all the school work done and remaining focused on improving my golf game, said Sean.  He usually spends two hours every evening on his studies. Therefore, being well organized, having a plan of action, and getting the best use of his time is important as a student athlete.

He works out before school daily with a two mile run early in the mornings.  On weekends he attends a gym to lift weights to build up overall core body strength.  He will also practice hitting his drives, work on his short game, and will practice sinking putts to improve his game.

What motivates him is his competitive spirit and drive to be the best golfer he can become.  Also, his grandfather who taught him how to play golf is another motivator.  My grandfather is a big golf fan and he plays just about everyday, so I want to please him knowing how much enjoyment he gets from the game while watching me develop, said Sean.  It’s a game you can play your entire life, so he has given me a real gift.

After graduation Sean will be attending Clemson University and plans to major in Media Communications.  He also will play club golf on campus his first year while making the adjustment to college life.  Then he plans to walk on in his sophomore year to tryout for the Tigers golf team.

Up Close and Personal with Sean:

  • My parents are very supportive and have given me every  opportunity I could hope for in my life.  Also, my grandfather has been influential by introducing me to golf.
  • Favorite college team is Clemson University.
  • Sean’s a big Carolina Panthers fan, and linebacker Luke Kuechly.
  • He really enjoys baseball and played competitively up to high school.  He had to make a difficult choice between baseball and golf as a freshman.
  • Best movie of the year Hacksaw Ridge.
  • Enjoys Country music the most.
  • Best academic subjects are History and English.
  • Advice for underclassman is to understand the right ways to study, remember school comes first, make sure you always work hard at practice, and make a commitment to being your best it will make a huge difference.

Finally, Sean has been very involved in the performing arts program at Indy.  He also plans on taking theatre electives at Clemson University during his college years.  It would not surprise this writer to learn he is acting on Broadway or has become a news anchor in the future.




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