Samantha Owens Senior Catcher/Outfielder at Indy

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Samantha Owens has a good story to tell.  She has been in the Independence girls softball program all four years of high school.  In her senior year she finally made the varsity team, and is making a positive contribution.

This is a story about determination, persistence, preparation, hard work, can-do attitude, and never giving up on a goal.  She is a winner and it’s obvious when you meet her.

Therefore, when it comes to academics and being an athlete, she makes sure first all her assignments are complete and turned in on time.  “Being punctual and focused on each individual task is key to managing time and daily planning,” said Samantha.  She also holds a part-time job outside of school, which has taught her the value of income, being independent, and having responsibility beyond activities at school.

In between her busy schedule, she continues to work out,lifting weights in school and attending a gym every other day to continue to develop her core body strength.  She also runs to build up her endurance and stamina.

What motivates Samantha are her parents who are supportive, and a desire to prove she can make it.  “As an athlete, it’s about not letting my teammates down, the friendships, coaches who believe in me, and to show I’m not a quitter,” said Samantha.

Two weeks after graduation, she will enter the U.S. Air Force.  After basic training, she will be joining the security forces.  She also plans on making the military a possible career, and has been an active member of the AFJROTC program at Independence.  Samantha enjoys the camaraderie and the value of important life lessons she has learned.  “It’s an opportunity to serve our country and be part of something bigger than myself.”

Up Close and Personal with Samantha:

  • SMSgt. Bradley Gibson is her mentor at the AFJROTC program.  “He has given me good advice, and has instilled a positive mental outlook.  The honor code, loyalty, dedication, commitment, teamwork, and leadership have much more meaning.  Also, my parents who have always provided guidance and direction along with listening to me have made a real difference in my life.”
  • She is an artist who enjoys portraits and sketching.
  • She likes to watch hockey and follows the New York Rangers.
  • Favorite sports other than softball are hockey and football.
  • The best movie is American Sniper.
  • Samantha listens to a variety of music choices.  However, Brantley Gilbert is her favorite artist.
  • Academically, she enjoys English and History.
  • Advice to underclassman is to be punctual, on time to everything, don’t procrastinate, concentrate on your studies, and get the work done.  Also, never give up, never quit no matter how hard it may seem.



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