Rocky River suffers tough loss in overtime to Vance 30-27

Coach Orlando Gray leading his Ravens onto the field.
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The Rocky River Ravens experience a difficult loss in a game that appeared they were well positioned to gain their first victory of the season.  In the first half the Ravens dominated the contest right from the start on both sides of the ball.

Ravens defense making second down stop in overtime.

The Cougars from Vance on their first possession, on the third play from scrimmage their quarterback threw a pick six to the Ravens free safety Zyone Easterling who returned the ball back into the end zone 27 yards for a touchdown giving the home team a quick 6-0 lead.

Vance bounced back with 6:10 seconds on the game clock scored on a long pass play to Zylon Riley to tie the game.  The PAT was good giving the Cougars a 7-6 lead.

Vance scoring fourth quarter Touchdown.

In the second quarter the Ravens took apparent control of the game when they first scored on a 17 yard pass play from QB Brent Jones to WR Marqui Lowery.  The PAT was good giving the Ravens a 13-7 advantage.

Ravens make third down overtime stop at goal line.

With only 1:15 seconds remaining in the first half Kahlil Turner DB intercepted a deflected pass and returned the ball 38 yards for another Ravens touchdown.  The PAT was good by Aldair Ochoa giving the Ravens a comfortable 20-7 half time lead.

Cougars WR #7 scoring touchdown on long pass play.

In the third quarter the Ravens received the kickoff and mounted a nice drive from their own 37 yard line that was capped off when QB Brent Jones scampered 12 yards on a designed keeper giving the Ravens a seemingly big advantage 27-7.

Late in the third quarter the Cougars put together a drive that started on their own 12 yard line and marched down the field.  They scored a touchdown on a second and nine from the Ravens 14 yard line to make the score 27-13 as the PAT went wide to the right with 1:54 seconds on the scoreboard clock.

Ravens QB Brent Jones taking snap from center.

During most of the fourth quarter the two teams defensive units seemed to take over keeping the offensive teams at bay.  However, it seemed the defensive unit for the Ravens was out on the field too long and had some breakdowns giving up 14 points in the last 5:00 minutes of the contest.

The Cougars scored with 4:13 seconds remaining to make the score 27-19 with the Ravens maintaining an 8 point lead when the PAT was missed.  The Ravens offense had to get some first downs to put the game away and rest their defense.  However, they could not and were forced to punt.   The punt was partially blocked by the Cougars giving them excellent field position inside the Ravens 40 yard line.

Ravens WR incomplete pass from hit.

The Cougars upon receiving ball possession with 2:53 seconds remaining connected on some timely plays and scored a touchdown with only 1.01 seconds on the clock to make the score 27-25.  They converted the two point attempt on a rushing play exploding into the end zone to tie the score at 27-27.

The Ravens received the kickoff with only 56 seconds remaining, had a big play that took them close to field goal position, however, the next play set them back with an 8 yard loss pretty much nullifying any chance for last second heroics.

In overtime both teams start at the ten yard line.  The Ravens had a fourth and goal from the four, send in Aldair Ochoa to kick the go ahead field goal, unfortunately, there was  confusion on blocking assignments, the ball was snapped and the kick was tipped by a Cougar defender as the ball sailed just under the cross bar.

Ravens react to touchdown.

At this point everything that could happen badly for the Ravens has occurred in the last eight minutes of this contest including the overtime.

The Cougars took over from the ten yard line, a Ravens penalty gave them a first down on the five and they drove down to a fourth and goal from the one as the Ravens defense gallantly stiffened with all the energy they could muster.  The Cougars called a time out and sent in their kicking unit, on the next play their kicker boomed the field goal through the uprights giving the Cougars an exciting come from behind victory in a good football game.

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