Rocky River Football Players visit Clear Creek Nursing and Rehab Center

Marie Gaines, Activities Director at Clear Creek, Jaylon Sharpe and resident. (Ed Berti)
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The Rocky River Football team led by Head Coach Orlando Gray and new Athletic Director Steve Robinson visited the Clear Creek Nursing and Rehabilitation Center on Independence Day to spend time and celebrate the holiday with many of the senior citizen residents at the facility.

Rocky Rivers James Maye working with two residents. (Ed Berti)
Rocky River Narique Smith giving a helping hand. (Ed Berti)

The young men and the senior residents really do enjoy each others company as the students get to experience the joy and personal satisfaction received from helping others who are recovering from injury and surgery.

First they shared a good 90 minutes of patriotic arts and crafts around different tables making flags, painting various other festive items while assisting their elders to complete their individual projects.

Some of the patriotic arts and crafts made by residents. (Ed Berti)

After the arts and crafts everyone was invited for lunch to celebrate a great American tradition of hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill.  All continued to mingle and it seemed the residents thoroughly enjoyed having these young men around and the boys had a rewarding experience.

Rocky River Timothy Pettway helping a resident. (Ed Berti)

“This is a great opportunity for the kids to give back to the community and to learn some of life’s good lessons, while helping others enjoy a day of activity and celebration,” said Coach Gray.  He also added, “I’m proud of these boys wanting to participate in such an event, especially during a big holiday was very impressive, it shows their maturity and how this group of player’s are coming together as a family.”

New Athletic Director Steve Robinson also expressed his pride in having been able to participate in the days festivities.  “This was a great experience and we fully support our athletic programs and coaches to get involved at future events.”

Clear Creek residents working on their craft project. (Ed Berti)

Marie Gaines, Activities Director at Clear Creek was pleased about the outcome of the event and said, “the special relationship developed by our facility and staff in behalf of our residents with the students, staff, and faculty at Rock River High School is special and truly much appreciated by all who have been involved since it’s inception.”

Head Football Coach Orlando Gray assisting a Clear Creek resident. (Ed Berti)

This was a great way to celebrate our nations Independence Day, helping others, showing compassion, building relationships, and learning just a little more about what being an American is really all about.  Some sacrifice and humility can go a long way in learning life’s challenges while giving back to the community.  We are building character, making better citizens and serving those who came before us.  This kind of experience is a tribute to America at its very best.

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