Robert Gibson Indy Patriots Senior Cross Country Team Captain

Robert Gibson
Robert Gibson
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Robert Gibson is a two sport track and field athlete at Independence. He is the Cross Country team Captain and is on the indoor/outdoor track team. He is a strong competitor and provides senior leadership to his teammates. He is articulate and focused on improving his athletic ability by hard work and commitment.

When not competing on the Patriot track and field team he is performing on an AAU track club honing in on improving his skills, techniques and performance times.

MHT asked Robert how he juggles academics with sports and he was very forthcoming saying school comes first. His goal is to get into a college where he can have a good lifetime career. However, sports is a close second and he gets an early release to complete all his academic assignments and class preparation. This gives him the extra time required to focus on track and field where he is extremely competitive in the 400 and 800 meter events.

His workout routine consists of 2-3 mile runs, stretching exercises, weight lifting to build core body strength, and yoga exercises with Coach Waldron.

What motivates this young man is to become the best version of himself. He has a deep belief in his abilities and has a vision of constantly improving and getting better. He is a doer and will accomplish the mission. Also, God is a big motivator in his life as it helps him remain humble, gives him direction and keeps him completely on course.

After graduation he intends to attend college and will consider competing in track and field. However, his ultimate goal is to apply to Western Carolina University and Appalachian State University where he can pursue a degree in psychology or physiology. He also has an interest in aerodynamics and might consider a career in aviation.

Up Close and Personal with Robert:
• The most influential person in my life is Mom. She has always guided me and supported my dreams. Mom has helped me become a good person by building my character. She has made sure I stay on the right path.
• My favorite college sports team is UNC Chapel Hill
• My favorite professional sports team are the New York Giants “The G-Men”
• Favorite athlete is O’Dell Beckham
• Favorite music Hip-Hop and R&B artist Drake
• The movie I enjoy most is The Pursuit of Happiness
• Pregame ritual is listening to Drake before a race.
• Best academic subjects are chemistry and math
• My message to younger athletes is to stick with it, don’t ever quit, it will make you a better person and stronger athlete.

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