Robert Bonar Senior Indy Patriot Point Guard

Robert Bonar
Robert Bonar
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Robert Bonar is a 5’9” senior point guard who has been on the varsity team for the past three years. He shares this position with Chea Johnson, another senior, and combined they make for a formidable combination in the Patriots back court.

Robert’s quickness, court awareness and ball handling skills are a real asset to the team. As a point guard, he must be in control of the tempo of the game offensively.

As a student athlete, his school work is a priority as he has a 3.0 GPA going into his senior year. “My school assignments and homework must get completed prior to practice and games as we usually finish up late during the season. Therefore, organization is a key factor in managing both,” said Robert. He uses technology on his I-Phone to keep track of homework, events, games, and projects.

To keep himself in good condition and on top of his game, he practices his basketball skills at church on Saturday and runs on weekends. His uncle is a pastor, so he takes advantage of the gymnasium facility available to him.

What motivates Robert are his parents who work hard every day for the family. He wants to be successful in life and uses their example as an encouraging influence. As an athlete, he is certainly motivated by the prospect of playing college basketball at a small school. He also is focused on the Patriots making a state championship run this season.

After graduation he is interested in attending a college offering a solid program in information technology. He is looking at his options, which include Davie County Community College, Catawba College, and Lincoln Memorial College in Tennessee.

Up Close and Personal with Robert:
• Most influential people in his life are first and foremost his parents. They have always been supportive. His Brother Paulus Bonar, a sophomore at Concord University in West Virginia plays football and is an inspiration.
• Favorite college teams are UCONN Huskies in basketball, and Alabama in football.
• Favorite professional teams are the LA Lakers and Dallas Cowboys.
• Other than basketball his next sport of most interest is football.
• His favorite movie is “He Got Game” for sure, said Robert.
• Favorite music is hip-hop.
• Most interesting academic subject is history.
• His advice to underclassmen is to work hard every day and don’t take anything for granted as there is always another new player wanting to take your spot on the team.

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