Ravens lose in overtime on controversial call 20-19

Team huddle before big play.
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On the road at East Mecklenburg High School in overtime the Ravens were stopped on what looked like a successful two point conversion for a 21-20 victory.  Instead they were denied and lost the contest 20-19.  This victory puts the Eagles at 5-3 overall and 3-1 in the conference, while the Ravens drop to 1-8 overall and 0-4 in conference competition.

The controversy occurred on a two-point PAT attempt on actually whether the Ravens running back had crossed the plane of the goal line and if his knee had touched the ground prior to scoring.  From feedback by many it appeared Rocky River was robbed on the very  controversial call.  Without instant replay it was to close to call and in the officials judgement the PAT was not successful.

Celebration of apparent conversion.

However, this may have been one of the best football games of the year.  The Rocky River defense the strength of the team played an outstanding game and the offense showed some serious signs of taking a major step forward.

This game was extremely evenly matched and there is no doubt Rocky River is the best 1-8 team in Charlotte High School Football.  There season record does not show the maximum effort this team and coaching staff have made.  They played SW4A conference powerhouse Butler to 7-0 until the last 5 minutes of the game.  Unfortunately, they were hurt by another controversial call when their strong defense apparently stopped the Bulldogs short of a first down inside the five yard line on a fourth and goal.  An apparent questionable spot gave the first down to Butler by inches.  The Rocky River defense gave Butler, Myers Park including other teams fits and the Ravens should remain highly competitive throughout the season.

Punting football to opponents.

This team needs a break and with their remaining schedule they have a great opportunity to put some wins on the scoreboard.  Their best two opportunities are rival Independence and Garinger.  The Porter Ridge game next Friday night at 7:00 pm in Indian Trail should be a highly contested affair similar to the East Mecklenburg game.

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