Queens Grant Stallions Crush Carolina International 6-0

Soccer action at Queens Grant High School.
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On a hot sunny afternoon at home the Queens Grant High School Stallions dominated a men’s soccer match in all phases of the contest.  In time of possession Coach Mark Guercio and his team held a big advantage 60:00 minutes to 20:00.  The Stallions took 14 shots and scored 6 goals, some out in front of the net where their opponents goalkeeper was at a huge disadvantage.

The passing was crisp and the tempo of the game was high as the Stallions applied consistent offensive pressure on their opponent.  “We played an almost flawless game today,” said Coach Guercio.  He further commented on how his seniors showed leadership and how this team is starting to come together.

Shot by Stallion goes off the top post.

The Stallions are now 3-4 on the season and will be looking to reach .500 for the season against their next opponent.  They have the makings of becoming a solid 1A program and having a strong season.

The scoring for the Stallions started off when 28:00 minutes into the first half senior midfielder Jake Braswell rocketed a hard drive past the Carolina goalkeeper for a 1-0 lead. The Stallions started to wear down the Carolina defense and opportunities began to open up for the home team.  At 32:00 minutes Mario Portillo scored putting the ball into the corner of the net for a 2-0 lead.  Then Jake Braswell obtained his second goal of the half at 37:00 minutes into the match with another blast by the goalkeeper for a 3-0 lead in the first half for the Stallions.

In the second half the Stallions game out ready to play and kept pressure on their opponent.  They finally broke through again at 56:00 minutes into the contest when Mario Portillo scored his second goal of the game rocketing the ball into the net for a 4-0 lead.

Carolina Goalkeeper’s reaction to goal by Jake Braswell.

When the game resumed Queens Grant was running set plays to try and set-up their forwards for scoring opportunities to fine tune their offense.  The team worked well as a unit and ended up scoring their fifth goal at 68:00 minutes when Micah Parker scored on a designed play into the net for a huge 5-0 lead.  Finally, at 75:00 minutes Micah Parker drilled his second goal passed a diving Carolina goalkeeper for the 6-0 blowout.

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