Queens Grant Men’s Soccer Seniors

Stallions Jose Duarte, Jesse Bell, Luke and Jake Braswell.
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Jose Durarte –  This senior goalkeeper has been a mainstay in the Stallions net for the past two seasons.  A solid athlete with good reaction skills who hopes to continue playing at the next level.  After graduation Jose plans to study nautical archaeology at either Winthrop University or Campbell University.  He also hopes to have four more years of growth and maturity as a student athlete.  His fondest memory is the comeback victory over Parkwood after being down 2-0.  This was his first game at QGHS in the net which was very exciting.  He would like to thank everyone that made his journey in life a memorable experience including his father, mother, brothers and sisters, teammates, fans and having a great coach.

Jesse Bell –  A senior midfielder for the Stallions.  Jessie has been on the soccer team since his sophomore year.  He has also played on defense for QGHS over the past three seasons making a solid contribution.  He appreciates his teammates and the great friendships he has developed.  He is thankful for Coach Guercio’s mentorship and commitment to the entire team.  Coach also cares about each individual player becoming the best soccer player possible.  However, the experience off the field through community service, helping others through volunteer work helps mold a person and their character.  After graduation Jesse plans to attend Central Piedmont Community College where he will work toward a degree in the Health and Fitness industry.

Jake Braswell – Jake has been on the QGHS soccer team all four years of his high school career.  He is a midfielder with speed and plays aggressively on the field.  He truly appreciates his teammates who have always made him feel comfortable and the friendships he has developed.  He is forever grateful to his entire family for all their support and encouragement.  Special thanks goes out to so many people including his parents who have driven him to practices and countless games.  Also, to his brothers for always giving  advise and influencing him in a positive and motivating way. Coach Guercio has been a mentor who has inspired a passion for this great sport.  He also has taught all the players much about life.  After graduation Jake plans on attending Liberty University in Lynchburg. “I will always remember getting to play the sport I love alongside my brothers” He will forever be a Stallion.

Luke Braswell –  Luke is a solid midfielder who has been a consistent and steady senior player on the Stallions soccer club.  He feels he has been extremely blessed to play on his current team.  They have become a family and have grown into a competitive team.  “I’m thankful to God for giving me the ability to play the game I love,” said Luke.  He also gives thanks to his family, his parents and brothers for always being available to him during the last minute wins and some brutal losses.  He would like to thank Coach Guercio for helping him improve as a player and pushing him to always give it his all.  He is extremely proud of his teammates and hopes they can continue to have success next year.  The team has improved dramatically from the start of the year, the incredible bond that they have formed can never be broken.  In the words of Tony Adams, ‘Play for the name on the front and they will remember the name on the back’.  “Stallion pride, nationwide.”

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