Queens Grant Cross Country Seniors

QGHS Stallions XC Seniors.
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Virginia Creech –  This lady Stallion has been on the QGHS Cross Country team since her sophomore year.  What motivates her is to do her very best when competing in an event and academically in the classroom.  Her teammates and other friends keep Virginia focused and on the right path.  She is motivated academically because she must work hard towards achieving a bright future.  Her athletic goals are to improve her performance and obtain better event times.  Also, to encourage her teammates to try their hardest and never give up.  Academically she wants to maintain and improve upon a solid GPA that will get her into a better college.  After graduation she plans to study biology and history.  The most influential people have been her parents, grandparents and her pastor, Reverend Hugh Foye who led her to the Lord.  “My parents help me and believe in me, my grandparents have always been supportive,” said Virginia.

Ethan Gallagher –  This senior is a two sport student athlete at QGHS.  He is also on the schools track and field team where he has been a consistent performer since his freshman year.  Ethan decided to join the Cross Country team his senior season.  He enjoys staying in condition and running, however, he truly is motivated by team building and relationship skills developed with his teammates.  His goal is to beat all his past times in a competitive and self-disciplined manner.  He has personal goals in both academics and as an athlete.  He wants to maintain a high standard in the classroom and improve upon an accomplished GPA.  After graduation he wants to attend a university and pursue a career in the medical field, eventually he plans to attend optometry school.   “My parents keep me focused and motivated as they are both doctors and I aspire to have a similar career,” said Ethan.

Reem Abdel Jaber –  Reem has been on the Cross Country team since the sophomore year.  This athlete competes in this event because it is challenging and the desire to improve previous event times, to always get better.  Also, “I run because it clears my mind when I’m having a bad day and it helps to remove stress while it gives me a sense of freedom.”  Reem’s goals are to accomplish classwork in advance academically to stay ahead of the curve and to achieve improved finish times in upcoming events.  After graduation Reem plans to attend college locally.  The most influential person on the team is Virginia Creech because she always thinks positive and she helps keep teammates very motivated.

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