Pedro Mancebo makes commitment to Gardner Webb University

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Pedro Mancebo the Queen’s Grant High defensive standout signs a commitment letter to attend Gardner Webb University in the fall to play collegiate soccer.  For the Stallions Pedro played the right-back position which is a fullback in the teams defensive alignment.  His responsibility is broad as he must cover the entire field along the entire flank.

Pedro Mancebo with teammate Joe Piacesi at signing.

Pedro has both speed and strength along with excellent soccer skills which includes dribbling and passing the ball to teammates.  He thoroughly enjoys the competition and to be recruited and playing at GWU in a Division I program is a dream come true.  “I chose Gardner Webb University because of its proximity to Charlotte, the squad is a very competitive group and the environment will push me to become a better player while the school atmosphere is a comfortable fit,” said Pedro.

He was recruited by other schools most notably Shaw University, Mount Olive, Coker College and Nova University in Florida.  Pedro feels he made the best choice for what he wants to achieve at the college level.  His major will be business administration with an emphasis in sports management.

Pedro would like to take the opportunity to thank his parents for all the effort they have put into me over the years.  He would like to thank Coach Mark Guercio for helping him develop as a soccer player and having a positive influence in changing his view on life.

Furthermore, he would like to extend a big thanks to Coach Fred Herrera from Vallense Soccer Club, “he took my game to a higher level and really shaped me into the player I have become today,” said Pedro.  He also helped my family and without his mentorship Pedro feels he probably would not have been given the opportunity to compete at the collegiate level.

Overall, my teammates at QGHS have been great.  We had a super run during our senior year, Coach Guercio kept us focused and motivated to accomplish as much as we did this past season.  “I’m really looking forward to challenging myself at the college level to see how I will compete against really tough competition.”

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