Patriots Abigail Overson Senior Cross Country Runner

Abigail Overson
Abigail Overson

Abigail is a senior with a plan for her future. With her red hair and burning desire to succeed in academics, athletics and in the world of engineering and science, she is pursuing her dreams through hard work and dedication to achieving her goals.

She appears to be a person on a mission. When it comes to academics, she keeps a daily planner, prepares a To-Do-List, must be well organized, manage time efficiently and productively.

In athletics, she enjoys running on the cross country team and is committed to performing competitively while remaining in good physical condition.

She will often run 2-3 miles, do stretching exercises for flexibility, run in the park, up hills, on gravel and different terrain to get accustomed to the topography for competition.

She is motivated by her values of hard work, determination, loyalty to her teammates and coach Waldron. Her teammates have encouraged and pushed Abigail to reach her full potential. She said, “my teammates are great, I don’t want to ever let them down. This is a team sport and we all share in the team’s success or subpar performance.”

After graduation from Independence she plans on joining an Air Force ROTC program at the university she attends. She has some excellent college options which include The Citadel, North Carolina State, Arizona State and Brigham Young University. Abigail plans to major in mechanical engineering or physics.

Up Close and Personal with Abigail:
My Biggest influence? Mom and coach Waldron, they both believe in me and support me.
Favorite College team? North Carolina State Football and Brigham Young Basketball
Favorite professional team? Texas Rangers
Favorite sport other than Cross Country? Baseball
Favorite music? Country
Favorite movie? The Sandlot
Pregame rituals? Relax and get myself focused.
Favorite academic subjects? Physics and Spanish
Advice for younger teammates? Stick with the sport, listen to the coach and never stop running.
In your opinion who is the team leader and why? Robert Gibson, he is the team leader, motivator and our Captain who creates a positive can do attitude.

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