Patriot Cheer Captains show School Spirit and High Energy

left Janasia McNeil, right Paige Strickland
left Janasia McNeil, right Paige Strickland

Indy Patriots Paige Strickland and Janasia McNeil are Co-Captains of the Cheerleading squad and are a perfect match. Both young ladies are seniors who exemplify school spirit and teamwork.

Being a high school cheerleader takes a major commitment and dedication. Having a high energy level focused on your craft is an important lesson to learn in life and will carry these two individuals forward as they move on to college after graduation.

Being a leader and learning the responsibility and accountability required along with the hard work to become good at what you do is another lesson learned from their Cheer experience. It takes teamwork including building trust and confidence with others to make the difference between getting the mission accomplished and not achieving the goal.

These two young ladies certainly have the right mindset to excel in what each does for the team. They are first both hard workers, they are dedicated to practice their routines, learn the cheers and participate in all different school events which includes varsity sports, parades, pep rallies and other school events.

They work together to set the example while assisting and motivating the other Cheer team members to perform at the highest level.

Paige Strickland is a “Lead Flyer” position member of the team who gets lifted by her teammates and will perform stunts to excite the crowd. She is fully dependent upon her teammates to catch her and bring her down to safety with a big bright smile.

While Janasia McNeil is the “Lead Base” position member of the team. Her role is of significance because she must keep the other base members totally focused on lifting and catching the flyers without incident. Therefore, the co-captains are a good match and are focused on different aspects of the team to get their mission accomplished every time.

Coach Rhodes really has a lot of faith and confidence in her senior captains and fully expects them to produce great results in any situation and on every occasion. Both ladies are energized when it comes to cheerleading because it’s an opportunity to show their commitment and the true meaning of school spirit.

As the football team prepares for their final game this season against Indy rival Butler Bulldogs, the cheerleaders are polishing up their cheers in supporting the team and pumping up the crowd for the big game.

However, once the clock ends the game and football is done for this year, the cheer squad must continue to prepare for the upcoming basketball season and other school events during Indy’s 50th year celebration.

As some might say a women’s work is never done! The best of luck in all future endeavors to our Indy Cheer Captains.

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