Olivia Pauldin Senior Forward for Lady Patriots Basketball

Olivia Pauldin
Olivia Pauldin
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Olivia is a very polite and pleasant young lady off the court. However, on the court she turns into a very aggressive player who can rebound, box out her opponents, and contribute key baskets for Independence. At 5’9” she may not be the tallest forward in the conference, but she is strong, athletic and provides senior leadership. The Lady Patriots have won 4 of 5 games recently and Olivia has played an important role in this team’s turnaround. She transferred from East Mecklenburg High to Independence her junior year.

When it comes to academics and sports she is very focused on both disciplines. She uses class time and study time wisely. Olivia obtains an early release so she is able to fully concentrate on her academic subjects and remain in the zone when it comes to basketball. It’s all about being organized and planning your homework assignments, projects, and working with my teachers, said Olivia.

When it comes to workout routines she played all this summer and practiced 2-3 days weekly at Athletic Republic. She was able to work on building her core body strength, legs, and arms in particular. Focused on improving her speed, agility and shooting skills to prepare for the Lady Patriots basketball season.
What motivates Olivia are her parents, family, younger brother Miles a sophomore who plays on the junior varsity and recently promoted to the varsity team at Indy.

Also, she is self- motivated to personally accomplish all she can in her senior year. Her teammates have been an inspiration and the coaches have really been very supportive. There is no substitute for hard work, dedication, discipline and making a commitment are all extremely important, said Olivia.

After graduation she wants to play softball in college at a division II or III program. So far two colleges have expressed genuine interest in her talents and they include Brevard College and Winston-Salem State University. She plays first base and third base, is a power hitter with a .449 batting average and hit clean-up in the lineup as a junior. Academically, she has shown interest in Physical Therapy, Exercise Science, or Kinesiology as a major and possible career choice.

UP Close and Personal with Olivia:
• Most influential people in her life are her parents. Mom attends all the games, they have been unbelievably supportive. Dad has instilled Christian principles, he has also motivated me to do my best and worked with me to get better. My brother Miles is a better and stronger athlete, however, we keep it competitive, friendly and have fun.
• Favorite college team University of Florida, I attended their softball camp as a freshman.
• Favorite professional team Carolina Panthers.
• Other than softball, basketball is my favorite sport.
• I really enjoy watching the “Parent Trap” when it comes to movies.
• Favorite music is hip-hop.
• Best academic subjects are English and Science.
• Advice to younger student athletes work hard, practice so it shows up at game time. Always put your school work first or you won’t be on the team. Always respect your teammates, coaches, and opponents.

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