Nick Melton Senior Pitcher/Outfielder for Patriots

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Senior Nick Melton has been in the Patriot baseball program for the past four years.  He has played on the varsity team since his sophomore season.  He is a hard worker and a competitor who wants to win.

Nick manages his time between academics and baseball by taking an early release during his last semester of school.  “All my required courses for graduation are complete with the exception of two that I’m now taking along with three college level courses from CPCC.” One of his courses is an AP Statistics course.   “Therefore, being organized and managing my time effectively is very important.”

He works out routinely by running sprints, stretching exercises, and goes to a local gym to build up his core body strength.  After pitching, he always will ice his arm and get a good nights sleep.

What motivates him is to achieve his goals? To become successful and achieve whatever he pursues in life.  “It’s the end result that really counts,” said Nick.

“As an athlete it’s all about my brothers, my teammates and being part of the Patriot baseball program.  We do things the Patriot way, and our coaching staff is first rate.”

After graduation he plans on attending a four year university and major in engineering.  He is leaning toward becoming a mechanical engineer as a career choice.  Nick is having discussions with UNC Charlotte and expects to make his decision soon.

Up Close and Personal with Nick:

  • “My parents have always been big supporters of mine, including my family and friends.  Also, a special tribute to Lynn and Tom for all your encouragement throughout the years.”
  • His favorite college team is Virginia Tech.
  • He is a large Saint Louis Cardinals baseball fan.
  • The sport he follows and plays other than baseball is basketball.
  • He really likes watching the TV show Mash.
  • Nick enjoys a variety of music and his favorite artist is Nong.
  • His favorite academic subjects are math and science.
  • His advice to underclassman is to make school a priority, stay close with your family, and concentrate on working hard and being committed to baseball or another sport you may participate in at Independence.

“Being a Patriot is an honor, to be a member of a team with great teammates, and dedicated coaches who genuinely care about the players has made this experience a very rewarding one for me personally,” said Nick.




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