Mustangs Stampede Ravens 21-0

Ravens running out on to the field.
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The Myers Park Mustangs came into town to play Rocky River and their staunch defense.  The Ravens defense lead by a solid core of linebackers, strong defensive line and good corners had to probably play the two best teams in their conference the past two weeks.

Coin toss.

Coach Gray’s boys played spirited football and never gave into Myers Park explosive offense.  The first score came after a third and long situation, the Mustangs threw a 30 yard pass downfield and were penalized on a questionable pass interference call over the middle.  So instead of punting the Mustangs had a first down inside the 35 yard line.

On a third and goal inside the 10 Mustang quarterback Bayden Hawkins connected on a pass into the right corner of the end zone to wide out Elijah Bowick for the touchdown giving Myers Park a 7-0 lead with 4:20 seconds remaining on the scoreboard clock in the first quarter.

Another big hit by Ravens.

With QB Brent Jones missing in action due to an injury sustained against Butler, sophomore quarterback Silas Cruse filled in and looked impressive during the first half.  Especially in the second quarter the Ravens were able to move the football matriculating the pigskin down the field threating to tie the score.  Unfortunately, on a nice catch and run over the middle by James Maye for a big gain, he broke a tackle and tried to switch hands Maye fumbled for the turnover inside the 25 yard line.

On another drive on fourth and goal from the 7 yard line, instead of kicking the field goal, Coach elected to go for the touchdown and QB Silas Cruse pass into the end zone fell incomplete to turn over the ball on downs.

Ravens down defensive lineman on line of scrimmage.

The Ravens defense made a nice stand in the red zone on a fourth and 6 to end the first half still down only 7-0.

In the second half the Ravens received the kick-off, however, on third down and long Tre Bly for the Mustangs picked off a Silas Cruse pass for a 34 yard touchdown putting the visitors up 14-0 after the PAT with 9:56 on the game clock.

On the next possession Shane Collins intercepted another Cruse pass for a pick six from inside the 20 yard line giving the Mustangs 14 points over 1:16 seconds of play with 8:40 on the scoreboard clock.

Ravens punter Trent Isaiah in action.

Basically this was the ball game, the Ravens had one last opportunity when Kahlil Turner intercepted a pass from QB Wriley McKeown returning the ball to the 10 yard line.  On a fourth and goal from the 7, the Ravens sent in their field goal unit and the attempt by Aldair Ochoa had plenty of height and distance, but just sailed wide right.

The game ended without Myers Park not being able to mount any serious offensive attack against the tough and stingy Ravens defense.  The Ravens defense did knock out senior QB Bayden Hawkins late in the third quarter on a huge sack by the defensive lineman.

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