Michael Menzer Senior Outfielder at Indy

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Michael has been on the varsity team for the past three seasons beginning with his sophomore year.  He is a quick outfielder who is able to track down fly balls.  He is an overall solid defensive player for the Patriots.  Also, he has made a steady contribution offensively the first half of the season, and hopes to continue in the second half.

Michael is taking advantage of an early release during his last semester of high school.  It provides him the opportunity to go home early prior to practice and games to complete all his homework and assignments.  He will use a laptop and his iPhone as useful tools for research on various projects. “Managing time is most important to be a good student athlete,” said Michael.  He is a member of the National Honor Society with a 4.00 GPA.

Beyond the normal practices on campus with the team, Michael attends a local gym two days weekly to build up his core body strength, will use the school weight room, and take two mile runs 3 or 4 days weekly to build up his stamina.  Stretching exercises and running sprints are all part of his routine.

What motivates this young man are his parents who have been very supportive.  He was cut from his middle school tryouts, which was very disappointing, but the experience motivated him to work harder.  “Finally, my teammates are the best, I don’t want to let them down,” said Michael.

After graduation he will be attending East Carolina University and plans to major in business administration with a focus on marketing.  He also wants to concentrate on academics, and will participate in intramural sports on campus.

Up Close and Personal with Michael:

  • The people who have been most influential in his life are first mom and dad, then his older brother Andrew, who graduated from ECU has always set a good example to follow.  “I’m attending ECU this Fall because of him,” said Michael.
  • Favorite college team is the East Carolina Pirates.
  • Best sports team is the Chicago Cubs, and Anthony Rizzo.
  • Other than baseball, he enjoys playing basketball.
  • His favorite TV show is “The Office.”
  • Michael enjoys a variety of music choices.
  • History and sports entertainment marketing are his most enjoyable academic subjects.
  • Advice for underclassman: take school seriously, stay loose, enjoy the moment as it won’t last forever.
  • Michael would like to add there is never a dull moment at Indy.  It’s been a pleasure being part of the team, the coaches, and teammates have all been great.






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