Meet the 2017-18 Patriots Senior Cheerleaders

Senior Patriot Varsity Cheerleaders at Independence High School.
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Kayla Todaro, A Captain of the team who has been a cheerleader since her freshman year.  Kayla first participated on the junior varsity and has been on the varsity team for the past 2.5 years.  She is primarily a base, however, is a flyer as well.  She also plays on the girls Lacrosse team and is a member of the Dream team.

Kayla is motivated by her desire for continued improvement and development.  She is a hard worker who is determined to reach her full potential. “You have to seize the moment,” said Kayla.

Her goals are to remain a straight A’s student as she accomplished during her junior year. She wants to motivate her teammates, help others and have fun.

She wants to attend a four year university to pursue a pre-med track with a minor in chemistry and math.  She enjoys community service and wants to continue to volunteer while assisting others.

Her parents have been most influential in her life as they have always encouraged her to stand by her own values and do the right thing.

Kayla’s advice to underclassman, is to never give up and always do your best.

Senior Indy Cheerleader Captains Kayla Todaro, Ashley Curtis.

Ashley Curtis, This young lady is also a senior Captain of the cheerleading team.  She has been a varsity cheerleader for 3 years and is a high flyer.

What motivates her is being a leader to underclassman.  “It’s about becoming a good role model to them,” said Ashley.  She is also self-motivated and wants to become the best student athlete possible.

Her goals are to be a high achiever in the classroom and do her absolute best on and off the field.

After graduation Ashley plans on attending a four year university.  She would like to pursue a career in teaching or nursing.  She will decide over the course of this senior year at high school which career path to follow.

The most influential person in her life is her mom.  She has always encouraged her to do her best and strive to succeed.

Her advice to underclassman, is to work hard on and off the field, cherish every moment because high school flies by fast.

Taylor DeWitt, She has been a varsity cheerleader for 2 years.  Taylor’s role on the team is a flyer and she completely enjoys this position.

What motivates her is being a student athlete because she has been a cheerleader since the age of five.  “Cheerleading has always given me a sense of pride,” said Taylor.  Also, striving to achieve good grades and being a role model on and off the field is important.

Her goal academically is to maintain and improve her current GPA.  Also, making a contribution on the Dream team.  Her goals for athletics is to be an energetic and prideful cheerleader for Independence High School.

Taylor plans on attending a four year university after graduation and achieving good grades.  She has not made a decision on a major at this time.

The most influential people in life has been her family because they have always supported her in everything she has pursued.

Her advice to underclassman, “Be the best you can be and always try your best,” said Taylor.

Grace Holmes, This is her first year on the cheerleading team, her primary position is a back spot.  She also participates in other varsity sports in both women’s Lacrosse, track and field for the past 3 years.

She likes being busy with both academics and athletics.  “It helps me stay focused, it can be challenging, but at the end of the day you just have to do your work and play your game,” said Grace.

Her goals academically is to maintain her current GPA and to get into the colleges she plans on applying too.  She also wants to train hard and excel on the lacrosse field for the Patriots.

After graduation, Grace hopes to attend Auburn University, South Carolina or Davidson College to study and pursue a career in sustainable energy.

The most influential people in her life is her parents who have always provided guidance and direction while supporting her pursuits.

Her advice to underclassman, is to put as much time and effort into both your grades and athletics.  In the long term it will pay off in the end.

Mariya Edgeworth, She has been on the team for the past two years doing what Mariya truly loves and having fun on the sidelines being a role model cheering for the Patriots. “Just knowing these are the best years of my life, so I want to take full advantage of the opportunity.  I want to look back in 20 years and be proud of myself,” said Mariya.

Her goals for this senior year are to keep the grades up, maintain a 4.0 GPA and be a positive role model and leader to the underclassman.

After graduation she plans to attend a university and eventually become a dental hygienist.

The most influential people in life has been her family.  They all have succeeded in different fields of endeavor which shows that no matter what happens, she can pursue her dreams and still accomplish anything.

Mariya’s advice for underclassman would be to always make sure you do your best, you will experience greater satisfaction if you are totally committed.

Kaylyn Gordon, Kaylyn has been on the cheerleading team for the past 2 years.  Her role on the team is the base position.

What motives her is the involvement and experience she been fortunate enough to enjoy with athletics at Independence. “Fortunately, I’m able to cheer for both football and basketball, by doing so I’m able to attend games, have lots of fun and offer support to our Patriots,” said Kaylyn.

Her goals during this senior year are to once again make straight A’s academically, while she has a great time being a Patriots cheerleader.

Her goals after graduation include attending a four year university.  Her primary objective is to get accepted into North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Also, she will apply to other universities to continue her studies in pre-med and eventually become a cardiologist.

The most influential people in her life are her mom and boyfriend.  “The reason is they have always both been there for me and showing support for whatever I do,” said Kaylyn.

Her advice for underclassman is to make good choices and to surround themselves with good people who will promote their well being.

Lydia Felton, Lydia is a back spot on the team and has been involved in cheer since her sophomore year at Independence.

What motivates her is trying to be the best that she can become in any endeavor that she pursues in life. “Success is very important to me and if I continue to do my best, I will have reached my goal as a successful person who is a winner,” said Lydia.

Her goal academically is to finish in the top 10% of her graduating class.  Currently, she is in the top 13%, so her objective is to give it a little more effort, some extra hard work to achieve her goal.  From an athletic perspective her desire is to continue to grow, work smart to improve her ability and skills as a cheerleader.

After graduation she plans to attend a four year university and enter the U.S. Air Force.  She plans on majoring in business mathematics or in a field that incorporates science as well as mathematics.

The most influential person in her life has been her mother.  “She is a strong and intelligent human being, I just hope I can be as good as mom when I become a mother in the future,” said Lydia.

Her advice to underclassman is don’t take high school for granted.  Everything you do as a freshman and sophomore will matter in the long run.  Also, always try your best and challenge yourself to be better prepared for the future.

Olivia Carroll, She is a newcomer to cheerleading, however, her experience has been fun and very enjoyable.  She has made friendships that are important to her.  She has learned new skills and respects the precision required in the routines.  Olivia also has played 3 years on the varsity Lacrosse team at Independence.  Therefore, “being part of a team and working for a common goal is rewarding,” said Olivia.

Her goal with academics is to excel and go as far as she can with athletics.  She would like to continue to grow as a person and athlete.

After high school graduation she would like to attend a good four year university that has a solid nursing program.  She would like to become a registered nurse in her future.

The most influential people in her life are her parents. “They have always supported me in all things I have pursued in my high school career,” said Olivia.

Her advice for underclassman is to get involved in your high school through sports, clubs, or other activities.  Ask for assistance when you need it.

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