Madison “Madi” Graham Queens Grant Senior Girls Tennis

Madison Graham
Madison Graham
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This young lady is delightful. Madi says she is not really a competitive person. She plays tennis for the enjoyment and comradery of being on a team and playing for fun. However, she does like to win when on the court and especially with her doubles partner Lydia Miller.

When MHT discussed how she juggles school and sports as a student athlete she had some interesting things to say. First and foremost is good planning, sticking to a schedule, having good time management skills, and getting into a daily routine. She also mentioned don’t procrastinate, “by putting things off it actually adds more stress and pressure. “

Madi has a daily workout routine that includes rocking chair exercises, conditioning, quick sprints, agility drills to improve her balance, practice on hitting first serves, forehands, backhands, and volleys. She also, must work on her positioning on the court.

What motives me is my teammates. “The relationships and friendships you build are important.” I also enjoy the social aspect of tennis, keeping fit, staying healthy and being in a good friendly environment.

After graduation Madi wants to become a Registered Nurse. She has not made a commitment to any college, however, she is seriously looking to apply to UNC Charlotte, North Carolina State, and Wingate University.

Up Close and Personal with Madi:
Who is your biggest influence in your life? Mom and Dad
Other than tennis what is your favorite sport? Play Soccer and watch basketball
What is your favorite music? All kinds of music
Do you have any pre-match rituals? I try to get myself mentally prepared. After a doubles match with Lydia we “high five” with our tennis racquets.
What is your favorite video or Netflix? The Office
What are you favorite academic subjects? Math and Science
What advice would you give to younger teammates? Have fun, enjoy the game, have less stress, and listen to the coach because he cares and wants you to improve your skills.
In your opinion who is the team leader and why? Lydia Miller and I are Co-Captains and seniors, so we have a responsibility to show some leadership. Lydia is our best tennis player and she leads by example.

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