Lydia Miller Queens Grant Senior Tennis Standout

Lydia Miller
Lydia Miller
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When you first meet Lydia you can sense her competitive spirit and desire to make the most of her senior year on and off the tennis court. She certainly appears to have her priorities in order when it comes to academics and athletics.

When MHT asked Lydia how she juggles school and sports as a student athlete, she quickly stated “my primary focus is academics first.” Then I concentrate on tennis second as this sport plays an important role in her family.

Her parents teach and coach tennis, so the sport has been very influential in her life. Lydia also mentioned the importance of managing your time, to develop and work a daily schedule which includes going to practice, eating good meals, completing homework assignments, playing with her two dogs “Lou” a Shepherd and Akita mix, “Lanta” a Labrador mix.

Her typical daily workout includes 2 hours of practice, walk and jog nightly, sit-ups, push-ups, squats, and work on my serve. What I really enjoy is spending time with my doubles partner Madi Graham on developing our strategy, positioning, ball placement, and improving our communications on the court.

My biggest motivator is my parents. I have been playing the sport from a young age. “In fact my coach and mentor George Kriek, the brother of Johan Kriek a world class professional tennis player was very influential in my development from ages 7-12.” My Dad and I learned a lot about tennis from the coach and we apply these techniques and methods today.

Lydia plans to attend North Carolina State University. She wants to major in Environmental Engineering. She would like to play club co-ed tennis and not compete at the college level. She is a state ranked Singles tennis player and finished tied for third in Division 1A in her junior year.

Lydia is self-motivated and wants to keep unnecessary stress and pressure under control. “It’s important for me to stay calm, keep cool, and collect my thoughts. “Maintaining a positive mental attitude is important in this sport.”

Up Close and Personal with Lydia:
Who is the biggest influence in your life? My parents for sure, and sister Jenna who was a very good tennis player.
Other than tennis what is your favorite sport? Soccer
What is your favorite music? Alternative music
Do you have any pre-match rituals? Listen to music, and talk with Madi about our doubles match.
What is your favorite video or Netflix? Harry Potter movies
What are your favorite academic subjects? Math and Science
What advice would you give to younger teammates? Have fun and enjoy playing tennis. Practice often and listen to the coach because he cares and can give good advice.

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