Legrand vs. LeGrand Fundraiser Teams Set

Legrand vs. LeGrand
Legrand vs. LeGrand
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The dream teams have been selected by the Athletic Directors at both Independence and Butler High Schools for the upcoming event scheduled for February 9, 2017 at Independence.  Both schools have started selling tickets and promoting the fundraising event starting at 6:30 pm in the main gymnasium.

There appears to be a great deal of excitement around the rivals school campus facilities and within the local community.  So let’s get right to naming the selected participants.

Independence Patriots Dream Team

Kelly Lewis AD, Lauren Galvani, Amanda Larry, Amanda Hawthorne, Quay Barrino, Ken Waldron, Tyler Gibson, Daniel Cooke, Larry Kinard, Sam Skinner, Patrick Ledford, Wes Strayer, Preston Davis, Gordon Tucker, Quintin Walls, Mike Busick, Derek Shoup.

Patriots 3-Point Contest Participants

Men’s – Chase Fairfax and Matthew Statile

Women’s – Sharonda Smith and Ashley Wilson

Butler Bulldogs Dream Team

John Legrand, Principal, Chris Satterfield AD, Jovan Diver, Mark Sutton, Brian Hales, Van Barkley, Myron Lowery, LJ, Jeremiah Nichols, Patrick King, Mark Sanders, Erin Byrd, Kurt Wessler, Heather Webb.

Bulldogs 3-Point Participants

Men’s – DJ Little and Omega Stitt

Women’s – Rinnah Green and Meghan Flowers

Tickets remain on sale at $5.00 per ticket to support your favorite sports team.  Fans, students, teachers and individual citizens can purchase multiple tickets to support more than one school team. In fact consumers have no limits on how many tickets they purchase in support of their sports team programs.


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