Leah Renn Senior Softball Pitcher for Indy Patriots

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Leah Renn has been part of the Independence High School varsity Softball program since her freshman year.  Today she is the clubs ace and carries a lot of responsibility for the teams success on her shoulders.

When we asked her how she manages her school work and being the team’s number 1 starting pitcher, she seemed to take the question in stride.  “I like to use a daily planner; it helps me get organized and remain focused on the tasks that need to get accomplished academically.  I’m able to take an early release, which assists me in managing my time most efficiently being a student athlete,” said Leah. “I can get my homework and class assignments completed prior to practice and games,  concentrate on improving my skills at practice and stay 100% focused on an upcoming game.  This is especially important when the coach has me scheduled to pitch.”

Her workout routine is keeping her body in good physical condition.  She enjoys walking at a brisk pace and will do so 3 times weekly for a couple of miles.  She also uses the treadmill every other day to keep her lower body and legs in good condition.  Having powerful leg strength is important for a pitcher.  She also does stretching exercises to remain flexible and keep her pitching arm healthy.  Finally, she will work on perfecting her pitching mechanics.

What motivates Leah are her parents, who have taught her the value of hard work and commitment.  “This lesson has been invaluable and has made a difference in how I approach any challenge,” said Leah. When it comes to her teammates, she does not want to let the team down.  “I always want to do by best and make a positive contribution to the team.  Softball is a team sport, so teamwork is extremely important.”

After graduation Leah plans to attend Appalachian State University.  Her mom is a graduate and alumni of the college.  Leah will major in chemistry and plans to attend graduate school to eventually become a pharmacist.

Up Close and Personal with Leah:

  • Most influential persons in her life are her parents and 21 year old sister Carly, who is a student at UNCW.
  • Favorite college team is the Alabama Women’s Softball Club.
  • She loves animals and especially her two pets.  Trixi, a Labrador and Beagle mix, and Lili, a Labrador and Border Collie mix.
  • Favorite sport other than softball is volleyball.
  • Most interesting TV Show she enjoys is Gossip Girl.
  • Favorite artist is Sam Hunt and she loves Country music.
  • Best advice for underclassmen is don’t take your teammates for granted.  The time goes by so quickly in high school, so enjoy the memorable moments.
  • She is grateful to have the opportunity to play softball for Independence.  “Coach Amanda Larry is very special and has been a big influence upon my development as a player and person.”/li>



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