Lady Patriots fall in close contest to Myers Park 37-34

Patriots Natalyah Wilson scoring a two pointer. (Ron Morris)
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The Lady Patriots almost pulled off a huge comeback during the second half in an exciting contest after trailing for most of the basketball game.

The Myers Park Mustang’s took an early first period lead, connecting on some key baskets under the boards using their more physical style of play.  In fact, they simply shot more accurately to take a 14-9 lead.

In the second period, the Lady Patriots played more aggressively, however, they could not muster a consistent offense and missed many shot opportunities.  Overall, up to this point in the game, the Lady Mustang’s had outplayed the Patriots to take a comfortable 7 point lead at the intermission with a 21-13 advantage.

Sharonda Smith going baseline. (Ron Morris)

Starting the third period, the Patriots began to improve their shooting and started to make their first run of the contest.  Sophomore Braylyn Milton began to hit some shots including a key 3 pointer during the period.  While another sophomore, Grace Breckenridge started to get more physical under the basket along with senior Sharonda Smith combining for 7 rebounds.  The run produced a 13-8 favorable result for the Lady Patriots with a noticed improvement in their transition game.  After three periods, the Mustang’s only had a narrow 29-26 lead.

Enter the fourth period, the two teams played very competitively, both Breckenridge and Milton had blocked two different opponents shots.  However, it really came down to missing easy layups under the basket after rebounds, and poor foul shooting throughout the entire game.  Both teams scored 8 points in the period, but the Patriots had more opportunities to capitalize and they did not take advantage of them.

Braylyn Milton hitting a two point shot. (Ron Morris)

The Lady Patriots shot 8% for the game from the three point range going 1-13, only 29% with two pointers 12-41, and 7-18 from the free throw line for 39%.  In a close game, just a little more accuracy from the floor, and more focus shooting 55%-60% from the foul line this game has a completely different outcome.

Milton scored 14 points with 3 steals and 2 blocks, while Breckenridge had 5 points, 7 rebounds and 2 blocks for the Lady Patriots.

They will now take on powerful Hickory Ridge this Thursday night on their home court in an important conference contest.

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