Lady Patriot Tiffany Reed Senior Power Forward for Indy Basketball

Tiffany Reed
Tiffany Reed
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Tiffany Reed is the team leading scorer averaging 10 points, 10 rebounds and 4 steals per game for the Lady Patriots. She is a senior leader who has a great deal of confidence in her game and the Lady Patriots chances of being competitive this entire season.
She believes the team is improving weekly, and why not? After three consecutive wins, things are suddenly looking brighter for the team.

When it comes to managing her academics and being a student athlete, it can be a challenge at times according to Tiffany. She has a full academic schedule, so time management is key to her success. Scrambling between homework assignments, preparation for tests and projects with weekly practices and games ending late is hard.

She is currently working on her graduation project covering the important topic of Child Abuse in our society.

Other than normal practice sessions at Independence, which are rigorous, Tiffany works out every Saturday with some of the North Mecklenburg varsity boys to upgrade her game. She also runs track in the 100/200 meters and is a member of the 4 x 1 relay team at Indy.

What motivates Tiffany is her desire to win. Her parents play an important role in her motivation, as she wants to make them proud and not disappoint their expectations. “Also, having an image of being a student athlete is motivating and having the reputation as a good athlete is awesome,” said Tiffany.

After graduation Tiffany hopes to get the opportunity to participate in competitive college athletics in either track or basketball. She has received some offers and interest from Lane University in track, Wingate University and Catawba College for basketball. She also wants to improve upon her current 3.4 GPA so she can position herself to study business administration in college and eventually attend law school for a career in corporate or business law.

Up Close and Personal with Tiffany:
• Most influential people in her life are her parents for all their support. Also, her coaches and especially Coach Quay, who is an assistant coach at Indy and has been a mentor to her. Her teammates are an inspiration and they are like a family.
• Favorite college team is the Duke Blue Devils
• Favorite professional athlete is Kevin Durant
• Other than basketball, track and field is her obvious choice for sports.
• Best movie is Higher Learning
• Tiffany likes different kinds of music and does not have one favorite in particular.
• Academically she enjoys history, reading, etc.
• Her advice to younger teammates and athletes is to stay on top of your grades. Stay focused on your studies and don’t procrastinate.

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