Kearia Green Senior QGHS Cheerleader

Kearia Green
Kearia Green

Kearia is a young lady who thoroughly enjoys being a Stallion cheerleader.  She has been on the cheer squad for 3 years and has worked hard to improve her skills.  Her position is a back spot who  supports the flyer when lifted into the air and held up by the base members of the team.

When it comes down to academics it is important to get your homework and class assignments done and completed on time.  Therefore, managing her time is paramount along with being organized which is probably the most effective way to get tasks accomplished, said Kearia.  She does take advantage of an early release which gives her the extra time to study and be prepared for daily classroom assignments.

Beside her routine workouts with the cheer team she frequents a gym close to her home where she plays basketball and runs to stay in condition and build up her endurance.

As an individual what motives her is to dream and focus on the future.  As a cheerleader the key is to focus on getting on the floor and performing your routines to perfection and having fun doing it with your teammates.

After graduation Kearia has been accepted to UNC Greensboro where she plans on majoring in Consumer and Apparel Retail Studies.  She plans on focusing in merchandising and entering into the fashion industry.  Eventually, her dream is to own her own business in the fashion world as an entrepreneur.

Up Close and Personal with Kearia

  • The most influential person in her life is my grandmother according to Kearia.  She has raised me to become the person I am today.  I will forever be thankful for her love and commitment, said Kearia.
  • She does not have a favorite college team but enjoys basketball.
  • Favorite professional team is the LA Lakers, and Kobe Bryant.
  • Other than cheer she really enjoys swimming.
  • Favorite movie is “The Goonies.”  Also, best TV show is The 100.
  • Favorite music is R&B and Hip-Hop.
  • Best academic subject is Math.
  • Advice to younger teammates is to never give up and always stay focused on your goals.
  • Cheerleading is a sport to her.  It takes strength, endurance and coordination to be successful.  I just want to say “Thank You” to Coach Dobbins for all her support, dedication and commitment to the team this year.