Justyn Hamilton Senior Standout for the independence Patriots

Justyn Hamilton
Justyn Hamilton
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Justyn Hamilton the 6’ 11” 200 pound Temple University recruit has averaged 13.1 points per game, 10.1 rebounds and has accumulated 57 blocked shots through 16 games this season. Justyn has played all four years on the varsity team and is looking forward to having a bright future at Temple University.

How he manages his time to remain an honor roll student and play basketball at a high level is challenging and keeps him busy. He is taking a full academic schedule so he must go to the Study Hall prior to practice to ensure he gets his homework and projects complete in a timely manner. He also goes home to complete any other remaining studies prior to attending daily practice which is grueling under Coach Preston Davis who is a real taskmaster. Justyn uses his iphone as a reminder and calendar for special projects and events. Even though he is a top rated recruit school still comes first, said Justyn. So managing his time, being organized, and planning effectively are all critical to be successful.

His workout routine beyond the tough practice schedule at school consists of weight training to build up his core body strength to be able to compete. He also played AAU basketball this past summer to continue to improve upon his basketball skills.

What motivates Justyn is his desire to accomplish big things in life. He wants to be successful financially so he can give back to his parents who have sacrificed for him. As an athlete he is willing to work hard and make a commitment to have a solid college career at Temple which will hopefully lead to a career in professional basketball. He is being realistic in his thought process because his ultimate goal is the NBA, however, he would certainly play in Europe professionally to live out his dream.

After graduation academically he plans to major in engineering or business finance. His preference is to enter into a career field where he can do real problem solving providing a good future for success. He fully understands the importance of a solid education because someday he won’t be able to play basketball. He will need to be prepared for this eventual reality.

Up Close and Personal with Justyn:
• Most influential people in Justyn’s life are first his parents. They have made me the person I have become today, said Justyn. I’m forever grateful and fortunate to have such parents. Also, Coach Davis who has mentored me since my freshman year. All my other coaches at Indy and my AAU Team United coaches have all been great and supportive. They have all provided me with wise guidance and direction.
• Favorite college team is the Temple University Owls
• Favorite professional team is the Miami Heat.
• Other than playing basketball he enjoys swimming and playing pocket billiards.
• Favorite Netflix show is “The Walking Dead.”
• Music he most likes is RAP.
• Best academic subject is math.
• Advice for underclassman is to think about the future. Don’t just live for today and worry about now. Work hard and dedicate yourself to improve upon becoming the best person you can possibly achieve. Also, think before you do something. There are always consequences for your actions. This is a life’s lesson learned from Coach Davis who has had a profound impact upon me, said Justyn.

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