Jordan Trakas “J-Tray” Center Back for QGHS Varsity Soccer

Jordan Trakas Center Back
Jordan Trakas Center Back
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Jordan is a focused young man who knows exactly where he is heading. He totally enjoys playing soccer, however, he also previously played basketball, and expects to continue in the spring to join the track and field team at QGHS.
As the center back his primary role is defensive as he plays mostly on the left side of the goalkeeper. His job is to prevent the opposition from getting good open shots at the Stallions net and to keep his opponent from penetrating to close to the goalkeeper.

He is concentrating on his academics as this is his senior year before entering college. He currently is enrolled in a program where high school seniors can have dual enrollment with CPCC. He is taking 2 classes at the community college Principles of Macroeconomics and Basic Calculus.

Next semester he plans on enrolling in Principles of Microeconomics and Calculus II at the college. He also has a part time job at Chick-Fil-A on Saturdays which keeps him fairly busy. Therefore, time management, planning and organizational skills are important and he is really learning the finer points in preparation for college.

He has a daily workout routine that consists of stretching, running, sprints, conditioning and agility drills to improve his physical stamina and core soccer skills.

What motivates this young man is clearly his deep religious beliefs. “He plays first to the glory of Christ, I work hard to serve him who gives me spiritual life, said Jordan.” Secondly, I work hard for my family, teammates and coach.

Jordan’s plans after graduation are to attend North Carolina State University as his first choice, UNC Charlotte, Colorado School of Mines, Liberty University or Washington University in St. Louis are other options. He plans to major in mechanical engineering focus on academics and play club soccer in college.

Up Close and Personal with Jordan:
Who is the biggest influence in your life? Christ first then my mom and dad.
Favorite college teams? UNC Chapel Hill and NC State
Favorite professional team? Everton F.C.
Other than soccer what is your favorite sport? Ultimate Frisbee
Favorite music? Christian Rap
Favorite movie? Ben-Hur (2016) and Passion of the Christ
Do you have any pregame rituals? I always stretch “Fast Eddie” Khamis before a match.
Favorite academic subjects? Math, Philosophy, Theology
What advice would you give to younger teammates? Don’t look to a fleeting desire to give you satisfaction.
In your opinion who are the team leaders? Noah Parker for sure based on his passion. Also, Samuel Brooks a senior who has a strong positive influence on team members.

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