Jordan Rudick Senior Patriot Cheerleader Performer

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When you first meet Jordan she comes across as a little thunder bolt. She is full of energy, confident and has a positive mental attitude. Growing up in a military family Jordan is accustom to change and being able to adapt to her new environment quickly.

Making a smooth transition and fitting into a different culture or community is more the norm based on how many moves her family made during her dad’s 23 year military career.
Therefore, juggling school work and cheer is not a major challenge for her. “I manage my time wisely by setting my priorities, focus on schoolwork first, then on practicing my sport and stay involved in participating in different school events, Jordan said.”

She is a base position participant which is surprising due to her physical appearance. Jordan is small, however, very powerful and her upper body and leg strength in particular is evident. She is a spark plug who provides energy for the cheer team.

Her daily workout routine consists of mostly jogging, sit-ups, and sprinting. “Our team really enjoys relay races which keeps us physically fit and builds teamwork.” Jordan goes on to say, “Cheer is a team sport so we have to be in sync to ensure we perform at a high level.”

What motivates Jordan is the thought she can accomplish anything if she has the right mindset, has a will to practice and work hard. “This is my first and last year on the Indy Cheer team, when I first started I struggled to learn the cheers and stunting, however, now I believe by putting in all the hard work and the support of my teammates I have improved dramatically.”

Her plans after graduation are to attend a four year university with her preference being UNC Charlotte. She would like to major in elementary education with a focus on special education.

Up Close and Personal with Jordan:

Who is the biggest influence in your life? My mom and dad, they have always encouraged and supported me to do my best.
Favorite college team? UNC Chapel Hill football and basketball
Favorite professional team? Carolina Panthers
Other than cheer leading what is your favorite activity? Dance
Favorite music? Country
Favorite movie? Pitch Perfect and Mean Girls
Pregame rituals? We hang out and eat together as a team before a game.
Favorite academic subjects? Theatre and History
What advice would you give to younger teammates? Always push yourself to do your best and just being yourself is important too.
In your opinion who is the team leader and why? Our two captains are great they provide experience and inspiration. Also, Geralyn Love has always been helpful and has a real positive attitude.

Some additional comments from Jordan include how super happy she is to make the cheer team in her senior year at Indy. Also, she wants to make a tribute to her hero, “My Dad he served in Afghanistan with the U.S. Army, he protected our freedoms for 23 years, and retired as a First Sergeant (E-8) in transportation as a truck master and now is employed by Mack Trucks.”

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