Jeneva Claiborne Queens Grant Soccer Forward

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Jeneva Claiborne is a hard working senior forward for the Stallions girls’ soccer team.  This is her second season on the varsity, and she is a powerful player with speed and agility.  She has good footwork and ball handling ability.

When it comes to academics and soccer during the season she will fit in her school work assignments during the day whenever she has some free time.  “It’s important to stay focused, on top of projects and assignments,” said Jeneva.  “Keeping an agenda is absolutely mandatory to manage your time.” She also will use technology such as her iPhone for research on Google, use the calendar option as a tool to assist in planning and being well organized.

She will practice with her dad, friends, and alone on weekends at a nearby neighborhood park.  She performs the fundamental drills and skills to improve her agility, speed, ball control, and shot accuracy.

What motivates Jeneva is her family.  She relies on their opinions and feedback for guidance and direction to grow as a individual person.  She is the youngest of four siblings, with
one brother and two sisters who always offer advice.  “As an athlete my teammates inspire me to compete aggressively, the joy of playing soccer, and to always give it my best effort. That is what drives me,” said Jeneva.

After graduation she plans on attending UNC Greensboro and focus on her education and passion for books and learning.  She will major in Library Science, and plans to participate in intramural soccer on campus.

Up Close and Personal with Jeneva:

  • “My family has been most influential in my life,” said Jeneva.  “My dad provides wisdom when he says poor preparation will lead to poor performance, not an acceptable outcome.  My best friend Sabriyya helps me be a better person.  She is a dancer with the Charlotte Ballet, and she motivates me to perform at my best.”
  • This young lady is an avid reader and loves to learn.  Her favorite author is Nicola Yoon.
  • Her favorite time is spent with friends and family.
  • She is a real soccer junkie who enjoys the competition.
  • Her most watched program is Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.
  • She listens to a variety of music choices.
  • Best academic subject is English.
  • Advice to underclassman is to be confident in yourself and who you really are as a person.  Also, don’t be afraid to be different.
  • Finally, a big thank you to all my teachers who have prepared me well for college.


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