Jamilah Lawson Senior Stallion Cheerleader

Jamilah Lawson
Jamilah Lawson
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Jamilah Lawson is a young lady with a high energy level who has a warm smile.  She has been on the cheer team for the past two years at QGHS.  Her position is base which means she will hold up a flyer for support with other base position cheerleaders.  She completely enjoys cheerleading as it gives her the opportunity to work in a team environment where a positive attitude exists.

When it comes to academics she takes it seriously as she has a 3.5 GPA and is trying to improve upon it this year.  Therefore, having good organization is key in managing one’s valuable time, said Jamilah.  She does take an early release which gives her time to complete homework assignments, class projects, and study for exams.  What work is not completed prior to practice she will finish during the evening hours.

Jamilah does have a regular workout routine as she goes to the gym at 6 pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday for 30 minute activity drills.  This requires 15 minutes on building core body strength which includes ropes, sit-ups, mountain climbing, and other exercises.

What motivates her as an individual is to work hard and remain focused on her future success in life.  My goal is to have a happy, enjoyable, productive, and healthy life style, said Jamilah.  School also inspirers her as she must maintain solid grades. Therefore, having a positive attitude throughout all of life’s challenges and endeavors is important both physically and mentally according to Jamilah.

After graduation she intends to attend a four year college program.  She is interested in two universities which include East Carolina University and UNC Charlotte.  Her ambition is to some day become a cardiologist so majoring in sciences and pre-medicine are in her future.

Up Close and Personal with Jamilah

  • The most influential person in my life has been my brother Jabari who graduated from UNC Charlotte in business and finance.  He has always set a good example for me, he has been there when I needed advice, and has my back, said Jamilah.
  • Favorite college sports team is the Alabama Crimson Tide
  • Favorite professional team is the New York Giants.  “The G Men”
  • Other than cheer she enjoys volleyball and plays for the Stallions.
  • Favorite TV Show is “Grey’s Anatomy” and “A Different World.”  Her favorite movie is “A Walk to Remember.”
  • She enjoys a variety of music choices.
  • Best subject is English and she enjoys Science.
  • Advice to returning classmates is to get organized and remain focused on getting good grades.  Keep up your GPA and stay in school to have an opportunity for a better life.  Education is the key to success!



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