Jabari Moore Senior Outfielder for Patriots

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Jabari Moore is a two sport athlete at Indy playing baseball in the Spring and football in the Fall.  He has been involved in the school baseball program all four years of high school.  He has played on the varsity team his junior and senior seasons.  Jabari is a solid defensive outfielder, makes a contribution with his bat, and can provide some valuable innings in a relief pitching role when called upon.  He can also play third base, which makes him a very versatile player.

He is serious about his academic endeavors, as he has received a full academic scholarship from Appalachian State University.  He will major in biology and is currently a member of the National Honor Society with 4.2 GPA.  He also continues to be a member of the Young Black Male Leadership Alliance, who work as mentors with African-American youth to develop important leadership skills to serve their community.

As a two sport athlete, Jabari has a very different workout routine for baseball when compared to the gridiron.  He does more stretching exercises, he will practice hitting off a batting tee for 1-2 hours, lift weights geared toward baseball, practice infield and outfield drills, and work on improving his mechanics if called upon by the coach to pitch.  He is a baseball enthusiast, “I just love to play the game, it’s a great sport so pure, both physically and mentally challenging. It’s a way of life,” said Jabari.

This summer he plans to continue to play while participating in Senior American Legion baseball.  He will create a workout schedule in the Fall at college for preparation to walk-on for tryouts or play club baseball.  However, he definitely will be focused on his academic subjects, as he ultimately has his sights on graduate studies.

Up Close and Personal with Jabari:

  • His parents have been the biggest influence throughout his life.  “Their support and guidance has made a huge difference for me,” added Jabari.
  • Favorite college team ASU Mountaineers.
  • He enjoys MLB baseball and follows the Boston Red Sox organization.
  • Other than baseball, he likes playing and watching football.
  • Favorite Netflix show is “Black Mirror.”
  • R&B is his favorite music.
  • His three academic subjects he is most passionate about are biology, all sciences, and English.
  • Advice for underclassman is to work hard to protect your craft.  Attend practice, respect the coaches, give it your best effort on and off the field. Also, always focus on your academic studies first.







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